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Meet Christa Collins, the former VP of Customer Care at Squarespace!

Christa Collins is the former VP of Customer Care at Squarespace, the easiest way for anyone (including Jeff Bridges!) to create exceptional websites. She now heads (and is the sole member of) the Customer Support team at ActionSprout, a social engagement tool for Facebook. Mother of four daughters, Christa loves to read and crochet. We managed...
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Seven things you didn’t know were hurting your support
The road to hell is paved with good intentions. When a customer writes in with a problem, you want...
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I’m Jacob Jaber and this is how we roll at Philz Coffee
Jacob Jaber is the CEO of Philz Coffee. Everyone who knows Philz knows they’re obsessed with two things: coffee and...
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I’m Nichole Elizabeth and this is how we roll at Product Hunt!
Nichole Elizabeth is a Community Manager at Product Hunt, the go-to-place for folks in the tech industry to discuss the latest and greatest...
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8 Things We Learnt From The Secret Sauce Interviews In 2014
We launched the Secret Sauce series in September of last year in an attempt to find out what makes...
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Freshdesk in 2014: New features, cool integrations and more
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I’m Patricia Wroblewski and this is how we support at Mention!
Patricia Wroblewski is a Community Support Hero at Mention, a tool that makes social media monitoring easy. Wine lover and...
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I’m Ryan Engley and this is how we support at Unbounce!
Ryan Engley is the Director of Customer Success at Unbounce, a tool that allows marketers to build, launch, test...
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I’m Micah Bennett and this is how we support at Zapier!
Micah Bennett is the Support Lead at Zapier, a tool that connects the web apps you use so you...