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Stepping out of office? Here are 4 hacks to ensure seamless support

Written by on April 25, 2014

Being a support superhero is hard work. Not only do you have to have the patience of a saint but you also have to contend with the long and odd hours that the job demands. Your customers don’t care if it’s your first day off in months or if your dog, Spot, has been sick all over the carpet and you desperately need to run him out to the vet. They just want what you promised them – the solution to their problems. As soon as possible.

So how do you remain a support rockstar, wowing customers left, right and center, despite the curveballs that life throws at you? Here’s a list of all the nifty Freshdesk features that make stepping out of the office for a bit, a breeze:

1) Take your helpdesk everywhere you go

It’s 2014; if you can wear your computers, you can carry your customer service around in your pocket. Simple, intuitive and just downright beautiful, Freshdesk for mobile, is everything you love about Freshdesk, pocket-sized. So, even if you have to hotfoot it over to the vet and sympathetically scratch Spot’s belly as the vet works her magic, you can continue chatting up that high roller that you were wooing, just the same without missing a beat. It’s your helpdesk, redefined.

2) Call forwarding, that olden and golden hack

Call us old-fashioned but nothing kindles a personal connection like a phone call can. Social media might be the order of the day, as far as new age customer service is concerned. But there are few things as satisfying as calling someone and solving their problem, once and for all.

With some other helpdesks, you might be required to chain yourself permanently to the desk and the dedicated hotline to give your customers this kind of personalized service but that’s not the case with Freshdesk. With Freshdesk’s integrated cloud telephony feature, not only do you have various nifty features like the ability to answer your call from a web browser, but you can also choose to forward all calls to your trusty old mobile phone as well. It’ll be like you never left work at all! Whether it’s your son’s recital or a night out on the town, you can make sure that you’re always on call, around to smoothen over any and all ruffled feathers.

3) Your wish is our Email Command

Call us uptight Boy Scouts if you will, but we believe in having a backup plan for every eventuality. Stuck out in the wilderness with only a dial-up so wheezy that the only thing you have access to is email? No problem. Got only a few seconds to spare before the wife finds you answering tickets at the dinner party? No problem! Have a data plan that’s so slow that your phone would rather commit hara-kiri rather than run the Freshdesk app? No problem!

Freshdesk’s got your back with email commands – a nifty little feature that lets you perform multiple tasks on tickets right from within your email! Which means when you get a ticket that needs attention, you can change its status, reassign it and keep your customer in the loop – all without ever logging into your helpdesk.

4) Even the best, sometimes, need backup

Checking in, every now and then, to make sure that your customers are happy and well-loved is one thing, and being permanently glued to your laptop/mobile phone even when you’re on vacation is another. That’s the kind of behavior that leads to nervous breakdowns and crying jags and necessitates a vacation in the first place!

Take a step back and recharge by letting your team handle all the big guns; if you’re going on vacation, set up a Dispatch’r rule to assign away all your high priority tickets to the rest of your team. This way, not only do you get to unwind and de-stress (the whole point of a vacation) but your customers can also continue enjoying the red-carpet service that they’re accustomed to.

So, that’s us, folks. Tell us all the hacks that you use to make sure your support’s seamless every time you take a vacation.

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  • ian howlett

    Nice email Aishwarya

    If Freshdesk are not *actually* sending you to Athens to test this out then they should: think of all the grerat feedback you’ll be able to give on actually using the app and email features in the field.

    Maybe you could pop up one of your holiday snaps, or you answering this post from the hotel veranda, when you get back 🙂

    • ian howlett

      P.S. This is my first post. Really should have been able to log in and comment with my Freshdesk support account, or even be logged in already 🙁

  • shilpa

    Aishwarya, interesting and worth a read.