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Alan Berkson about 4 months ago 0 Comment
Jon Ferrara on #CEOonSupport
I had a chance to sit down with Nimble CEO, Jon Ferrara, a man known for “swimming in the...
Alan Berkson about 8 months ago 6 Comments
5 Trends in Customer Service for 2014
You can feel it. The role and nature of customer service is changing. Looking back on 2013 we have seen...
Vikram about 1 year ago 4 Comments
Is your customer service color-blind?
I just got back from my annual eye test, and I got a free lesson in customer service and...
Muthu about 1 year ago 1 Comment
How to Say “NO” in customer service
When I jumped cities, I had to meet up with a dozen prospective roommates before settling in with one...
Aishwarya Hariharan about 1 year ago 0 Comment
Customer service is overrated… And other things to write on your gravestone
There’s simply nothing worse than someone telling you how sorry they are when you can hear they don’t give...
Sairam Krishnan about 2 years ago 2 Comments
The Lemonade Boy who Listened – 3 Lessons in Customer Service
A decade ago, ‘customer interaction’ meant very little. The little kid with the lemonade stand just had to place...
Ashley Furness about 2 years ago 3 Comments
The Secret to Ritz-Carlton’s Customer Service Sauce
When Apple Genius Bar’s hiring managers evaluate candidates, they keep one guiding principle in mind: “Will this person provide...
Sairam Krishnan about 2 years ago 8 Comments
Freshdesk Secrets 1 – Agent Email to Ticket
This post kicks off our new series ‘Freshdesk Secrets’, specially for the Freshdesk Legion, the worldwide community of support...
Sairam Krishnan about 2 years ago 2 Comments
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