1000 Happy Customers and Counting!

Written by on June 18, 2012

Wow! As of today, we have over 1000 businesses earning the love of their customers with Freshdesk. That’s a lot of love and smiles up in the air.

Our 1000th customer, Ap Processing is in the business of turning spiraling-out-of-control debts around, so happy card swipers (like me) can finally get a clean credit score. Ap Processing works as the processing house for several companies that help debtors negotiate with credit card companies and reduce their debt by half!

But negotiating between customers already scared with mounting debt, and creditors who want to get the most of every penny, needs more than just legal know-how. Customers need to feel that they are working with a company that genuinely cares for their concerns. And creditors must be shown that the negotiations are in their best interest. A tough game. That’s why it’s great to see companies like Ap Processing lead the way with a focus on making customers happy. After all, there are some things money can’t buy!

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