5 reasons you should be serving your customers on Facebook

Written by on November 14, 2011


Facebook is now quite well established as a marketing tool but as we discussed before on the blog, the real value of the Facebook platform lies not in Marketing, but in customer service.

A lot of brands have ignored this & their reputations have suffered. This study from Conversocial for Ecoconsultacy sheds further light on the pressing need to integrate Facebook with Customer Service. 

If you still need validation, we’ve compiled 5 reasons why you should be serving your customers on Facebook.

1. Your Customers are on Facebook.

Facebook has over 800 million active users and 50% of them log on every single day. It’s a basic tenet that businesses should be present where the customers are.

And since they are all on Facebook, you should be too.

2. It’s Easy to Use

For your customer, clicking through to your company’s page on Facebook and posting a query is far more easier than to send an email or to call you.  Your customer is much more likely to contact you this way because he knows how the interface works, and he doesn’t have to go out of his way to reach you.

3. Can Give Real Time Customer Support.

You can serve customers in real time, unlike other platforms such as email. It’s an immediate, direct line to your customers that can facilitate instant customer service & gratification. The information that flows as a result for this interaction might be gold dust for your business. Here’s an article that shows how Wendy’s, Pizza Hut and Chick-Fil-A all had average first-time responses  of 1:30 for Facebook customer posts and how that impacts customers.

4. Your Competition is doing it, and well.

Chances are, your competition is already serving its customers on Facebook, or at least getting up to doing so. Shouldn’t you be beating them to it? Even customer support intensive companies like AT & T are way ahead already, what is stopping you from joining them?

5. Everyone’s watching.

When your customer asks you something on Facebook and you post an immediate reply to it, there are a lot more people watching than you think. Your responses will let people know that you are there and that you are listening and that your brand can be trusted. Facebook generates a lot of eyeballs. This could be game breaking publicity for your product and service.

As Tony Alessandra put it, “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.”

Now that Facebook is the easiest way for your customer to find you, isn’t it time to make  your customer service simpler and easier?

BestBuy Customer Service Facebook Screenshot Courtesy crmsocialmedia.com


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  • freakysk

    At times there is chance for a negative comments. it might explode. how to deal that situation?

  • KenyanKeralite

    freakysk, I think the negative comments are the ones that have a big chance of ‘exploding’ if left alone. But if responded to soon enough, that’s prevented. Even simple acknowledgement without agreeing to the comment will prevent it all from turning ugly.

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  • caithriellesam

    I have to agree, Facebook is a well known and popular customer service platform that every company used nowadays.  Your customer  finds it very easy and convenient to use unlike the regular customer service ticket support.