5 sure signs you need to service your customers over Twitter too

Written by on October 10, 2011


How do you know when you need to be on Twitter supporting customers? To answer this, you’ll first need to know how many of your customers are reaching out for help over Twitter. Here are 5 quick checks:

1. Check if your customers/prospects are talking about your brand/product/company in Twitter.

Use Twitter’s advanced search to limit the search to your relevant geography, if you must, but search regularly for mentions. How many Tweets in the search results have people ask for help, or worse, have a bad comment on your product or service? If there’s even one negative mention, it is important that you are seen there in the conversation trying to help correct the situation.

2. Your customers are searching for it.

Do you have a search box on your website? If yes, use your website analytics tool to check if you have visitors searching for “twitter” keywords e.g. <yourcompanyname> twitter, <yourbrandname> twitter. If you have a large number of queries for such related keywords, your customers are looking for your voice in Twitter – probably for your latest updates but do not discount them reaching out to you for support.

3. Does your social media manager spend time forwarding requests and questions from Twitter to your customer support team?

If yes, you can do well by focussing on direct support over Twitter – your customers get quicker responses and you’ll free up your marketing from doubling up as support as well.

4. Does your competition support its customers over Twitter?

If yes, you should be doing it too. You wouldn’t want this to be a point that they can hold over you.

5. You’ve tweeted this (down below) atleast once in the last month.

If you find yourself tweeting something similar to the below, stop reading right now and start shopping for a helpdesk. You desperately need a helpdesk system that lets your agents directly respond to support queries on Twitter or any other channel you support.

Twitter bird, image courtesy: Pamela Hazelton – ‘how to educate users and customers via Twitter‘.

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  • M

    Simple enough!

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  • neteffects

    With the rising demand for 24/7 customer service, social media sites has really been a reliable platform.  If you combine it with a customer service platform that has explicit customer service, you’ll eventually get a customer service satisfaction rate.