A Fresh look at 2012 (and here's to a refreshing 2013)

Written by on December 31, 2012

It’s been a great year. An awesome year, in fact. And there’s no easy way to justify a recap without missing a few moments. But here’s highlighting some of the hottest, coolest and fun-est things in Freshdesk, in 2012:

Got the Time ? And a dozen other superpowers….

Integrated time tracking in FreshdeskThere’s one question that’s bound to come up sooner or later in your support team: How much time did you spend on each customer and ticket? And what did you actually do? And in February, 2012, we came up with the perfect answer to that… Time tracking. After all, if you are billing your clients for their support time, you need to be able to generate timesheets, invoice them, and pull out awesome reports on who spent how much time, doing what.

Email to K-base through FreshdeskThe trouble is, now with a stop clock ticking, it gets doubly hard to do anything other than firefighting. Like finding time to update your knowledge base. Shooting an email to your knowledge base, and having it ready for approval sounds like a little thing to talk about. But the ability to keep your knowledge base up-to-date without shifting focus? A perfect knowledge base is invaluable. And with even the biggest companies struggling to keep their kbase updated, the Email to Kbase feature , IMHO, is a big big little thing!

Email Commands in FreshdeskIf you can email your knowledge base, why not shoot an email to your help desk too? After all, a smart help desk should be able to “understand” you, right? We imagined how much fun it would be if you could command your help desk to assign, prioritize, categorize and tag tickets. Freshdesk strips out  the command, and add just the content you intended as a private note or customer reply. And it lets you play a game of Simon Says with your help desk!

Add custom ticket fields and if you wish add those dependent fields too!It’s your help desk and it should jolly well be yours a 100%. Through 2012, we’ve worked hard to make Freshdesk deep, customizable and super flexible for the unique use cases of each business. Got a special ticket field you’d need? Just drag, drop, customize and you’re done. Plus there’s no joy like sitting back and identifying the biggest choke holds in your support – hierarchical dependent fields let you do just that.

Are your customers satisfied with your product/service? Roll out Customer Satisfaction Surveys at the click of a button! Sometimes we think we are in the business of creating smiles. So it only made sense to bring in integrated customer satisfaction surveys into Freshdesk. And not just that – through 2012, businesses on Freshdesk have been able to choose when to send out a survey, and how they want to collate the results. And with Freshdesk Arcade, we just made customer satisfaction something that every support rep should covet for!

Going Mobile and Stealing the App store

Customer support issues have this knack of creeping up during the oddest hours. Most often, your laptop is lying a couple of rooms away, the kids are wailing or you’re walking the dog.

FreshMobile the HTML5 optimized Freshdesk app

All you have is your mobile phone. Sure, email commands help. But sooner or later you need to look at the whole thread, jump between tickets and get the whole “help desk” experience. We call that “FreshMobile”, the HTML5 Freshdesk app for mobile devices.


MobiHelp in-app support for iOS apps

Speaking of mobile apps, there were very few options that app developers had in terms of getting user feedback. We threw a couple of space birds and super-noted our thoughts on our iPhones, to come up with MobiHelp – the Freshdesk iOS SDK for in-app support.


Obsessing with the awesome….the fun way

Gamified help desk with Freshdesk ArcadeIf there’s one thing that best summarizes 2012 at Freshdesk, it would be our obsessive focus on agent productivity. More automations to get rid of the boring, more “little” usability things that make your life better… And Freshdesk Arcade, to put the “fun” back into customer support. It’s awesome to see how something as simple as setting out objectives, and competing on things that matter, has changed the way hundreds of businesses (and support reps) look at customer support!

Let’s get some friends for your help desk

A lonely help desk is a sad sad help desk. As it turns out, the more relevant data you have about a customer, the better support experience you get to promise. If only you knew what sales knew about that hot new lead, or what marketing knew about the customer’s subscriptions and interests. If only you could shoot out time sheets and directly invoice clients for the time you spent supporting them. If only you could chat with customers in real-time, and have that information ready in your help desk the next time they come down with a support request. If only… And, well, all it takes is the click of a button in your Freshdesk account!

extend your Freshdesk with integrations

More CRM: That’s right. You could already tie in Salesforce, SugarCRM and Capsule, (topped with Batchbooks and Highrise last month). Now we’ve added Nimble and Zoho CRM to the list as well. Got some bugs you’d rather squash? The Freshdesk – JIRA integration is just for you!

Invoice on the fly: Why track time if you can’t bill them, right? This year we’ve integrated with FreshBooks, Harvest and Fetchflow, so you can track time in Freshdesk and bill clients automatically!

Chat me up: It really takes support to a whole new level when customers can chat with your service reps in real time. Freshdesk has a whole buffet of chat integrations to choose from. Plus with our recent LogMeIn Rescue integration, you can jump into the customer’s computer screens right from inside Freshdesk.

Hit me a Googly: We are currently the most tightly integrated solution with Google tools. You can single sign in from Google Apps, check all help desk activity with Gmail Gadgets, sync Google Contacts and even drive support insights from Google Analytics.

Mailer Tailor: Knowing how your customers respond to marketing can tell you a lot about what they think about you. Which lists are they subscribed to? What mails do they open? Which campaigns do they respond to? Freshdesk is now integrated with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor ConstantContact and iContact. Seriously – no monkey business!

Call me, maybe: The icing on the cake has to be the telephone integrations that add call logs to each ticket, read out ticket statuses to customers over IVRS, and route calls to the right agent. Cloud telephony provider Kookoo shared a pretty cool voice integration for businesses in India earlier this year, and our buddies at Knowlarity have gone full-out with their Freshdesk integration.

Got a legacy system or inhouse data base you’d like to integrate with Freshdesk? You can plug in any information right inside your tickets and contacts with FreshPlugs. Why, you can even style and format them any way you like. We’ve had a lot of fun building FreshPlugs to add location data to tickets from Google Maps, track sentiment, and even bring in the Klout score. Sounds interesting or got some ideas you’d like to see in 2013? Drop us a line in the comments…

And wish you a refreshingly awesome 2013!

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