Add Occasional agents starting at just $1 per day – Introducing the Day Pass

Written by on March 13, 2012

Following feature requests from our customers for an easy and affordable way of adding occasional agents, we went to the drawing board. We wanted to give our customers the ability to scale up and down without complicating things, at a price that would rid them of the need to worry about the cost.

Introducing the Day Pass, a convenient way to add additional people to your support team without paying for a whole month. Freshdesk’s new feature enables you to add occasional agents at just $1 per day for the Sprout plan and at $2 per day for the Blossom and Garden plans.

So how does exactly does the Day Pass work? Here are a few FAQs:

1. How do I add Occasional support agents?

Go on to your ‘Admin’, click on ‘Agents‘ under ‘Everything Else‘, and you can see the page that shows all the agents. Click on ‘New Agent‘ and you can see the setting at the bottom of the page that lets you add the agent as either full time or occasional.

Add Temp Support Agents for your organization at $1 per day with Freshdesk Helpdesk Software
Adding Occasional Support Agents into Freshdesk

2. How do I buy Day Passes?

To buy more Day Passes or to access your Day Pass settings, go to your ‘Admin’ page in Freshdesk and click on ‘Day Pass Settings’ under ‘Everything else’.  You get 3 Day Passes free of charge and you can add Day Passes in packs of 5, 15 or 25 up to 50.

Buy Freshdesk Day Passes for temp support agents. Add each extra helpdesk agent at $1 or $2 per day.
How do I buy Day Passes?

3. Is there a limit to how many occasional agents I can add?

No. You can add any number of occasional agents and you only need to pay for them when agents login. Day Passes never expire and you can auto recharge like your Skype balance. You may use them tomorrow or two years from now, your choice.

4. How do Day Passes get charged?

Once an occasional agent logs in, a Day Pass gets activated and remains active until midnight local time of the same day. Day Passes are charged one day at a time. Please note that the Day Pass will get deactivated at midnight local time and if an agent logs in the next day, another Day Pass will be activated, costing only $1 or $2 for the entire day, not per hour.

5. What are some scenarios these will be useful?

A Product Manager might want access to the support portal in order to follow a particular chain. He would only be looking at the support portal for a few hours or a couple of days at the most. A Day Pass would be perfect for him.
The Customer Support Admin would want to add some extra agents for a few days during Christmas shopping season. But he would have to pay either for the whole month or on a hours basis, both of which wouldn’t be cost effective. He would love the Day Pass, through which he can add extra agents when he wanted and also pay on a day per day basis, making more sense for him.

So go on, try it out. Bring your whole team to the support party. And enjoy some guaranteed customer love.

For further information on using and buying Day Passes, you can read our Solutions Page article.

Have any further queries? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be back to you in a jiffy.

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