August feature updates: Helpdesk restriction, ticket templates and more

Written by on August 30, 2016

The last time we had a major product update for you was a month ago when we launched our multilingual knowledge base feature that lets you support global customers from a single self-service portal. Since then, our company has opened up our brand new chat product, Freshchat, for beta and our 2-month old CRM product, Freshsales, touched its 100th customer mark.

All this has gotten us extremely excited and motivated to do more for our own Freshdesk customers this month around too. We have some important new features lined up that will make agents more productive and your helpdesk more secure:

Helpdesk restriction

Where to find it: Admin > Helpdesk

Who will love it: Admins

Available on: Estate, Forest

Helpdesk restriction

When you’re using Freshdesk internally or with a known set of clients, you’d want to restrict access to the helpdesk to certain domains. With the whitelisting feature on Freshdesk, you can set up helpdesk restriction to keep your support secure. Only whitelisted domains will be allowed to log in (or sign up) and create tickets inside your helpdesk.

Learn how to set up helpdesk restriction

Unresolved tickets

Where to find it: Reports > Helpdesk In-depth, Reports > Ticket volume trends

Who will love it: Supervisors

Available on: Estate, Forest

Unresolved split by priority

An “unresolved tickets” section is now available in the helpdesk in-depth report that shows the properties of tickets that were not resolved at the end of the selected time period. You can analyze your helpdesk performance too in terms of ticket resolution with these new reports on unresolved tickets split by source, priority, status, type and more.

Read more on unresolved tickets

Ticket templates

Where to find it: Admin > Helpdesk productivity (for setup), New > Tickets and New > Email (for execution)

Who will love it: Agents

Available on: Garden, Estate, Forest

New ticket template

Admins can pre-fill ticket fields and create ticket templates for repetitive use cases. This way, agents can apply templates to their new ticket or outbound email with a click of a button. For example, let’s say you create a template called “refund requested”, your agents can create tickets for refund requests – fill in ticket description, set priority to medium, assign to billing, set status to open – with one click by applying the template.

More on ticket templates

Warm transfer

Where to find it: Ongoing call > Agent button > Warm transfer

Who will love it: Agents, customers

Available on: Forest

Warm transfer

When customer calls are transferred to multiple call center agents, the customer is asked to repeat the reason why they called. To provide better customer experience, the phone channel in Freshdesk comes with a warm transfer function. This allows call center agents to provide enough context about the customer issue to other agents before transferring the customer call. This ensures other agents talking to the same customer need not probe why the customer called in the first place.

After call work

Where to find it: Agent phone availability status

Who will love it: Agents

Available on: Forest

After call work


Call center agents usually answer back to back calls from customers without spending time and addressing actions items from the previous call. As a result, agents sometimes miss out on following up with the customer. After Call Work (ACW) in the phone channel gives agents a couple of minutes to add call notes, update ticket information, update the CRM tool, reach out to other teams to sought the customer issue or seek feedback, and email the customer with information on the action items.

When an agent is busy with ACW, the agent availability status will go from ongoing call to wrapping up. This indication helps call center admins or supervisor know the agent is on the job before getting ready for the next call.

Universal links for iOS

Where to find it: Freshdesk iOS app version 4.2 and up

Who will love it: Agents

Available on: All plans

Universal links for iOS

The Freshdesk app now supports universal links in iOS versions 9 and greater, which means the next time a fellow agent forwards you a ticket link, it would open in the Freshdesk app instead of Safari. Universal links are supported from version 4.2 of the Freshdesk iOS app. However, keep in mind that this won’t work for links shared via Google apps like Hangouts and Gmail.

Read more on universal links

Agent collision for Android

Where to find it: Freshdesk Android app version 3.4 and up

Who will love it: Agents

Available on: Estate, Forest

Agent collision is that handy little feature that lets you see who else is looking at the same ticket or responding to it, right when you are. We’ve just brought agent collision to our Android app. From version 3.4, an alert will show up when someone else responding to the same ticket as you are, saving you from the trouble of shooting multiple responses to customers.

Feature enhancements:

1.Ticket content preview makeover: The ticket content preview that opens up when you hover on a ticket just got a makeover. Apart from the brand new look, you’ll now be able to see the group the ticket is associated with along with the latest note or reply made on the ticket.

Ticket preview2. Author names in solution articles and article feedback: You can now see the author’s name on top of every solution article and in the question that appears for article feedback. To hide author names, go to Admin > Portals, pick the portal name and toggle “Show author names”.

Personalised footer feedback3. Attachment preview: See what you’re dealing with upfront with image previews for ticket attachments.

4. Recent searches and recently viewed tickets: The search bar will now display your most recent searches and last five recently viewed tickets.

Recent searches & recently viewed tickets5. Support for shift-multiselect: When you need to select consecutive tickets, you can press shift and select the first and last tickets instead of clicking on each one individually now.

And there are still so many more cool features simmering in the kitchen. Make sure to subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss out on any.

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