A little bird told me your tickets get assigned.. Automatically!

Written by on April 25, 2013

“Here’s the Round Robin, round as a ball;
You scarce can see his head or tail at all.
He’s not a carrier-pigeon, though he brings
Important messages beneath his wings.
And ’tis this freak of ornithology
That assigns and says “A little bird told me.”*


There’s a lot of things your support reps should be doing. Like responding to support queries, and competing to win a great satisfaction rating. But who gets to tell them which tickets they should be answering next? Letting them sift through the whole pile of open issues every time means (a) everybody races to pick the easiest problems first, leaving the toughies for later, and (b) precious seconds get lost in jumping back and just assigning tickets.Of course, you could automate this to a fair extent (say, using Dispatch’r), and have tickets assigned to the supervisor and hope they re-assign it to the next available agent. Or queue tickets into specific groups and make it easier for agents to pick issues up.

Of course, the perfect solution would be to put in a little ‘brain and fingers’ into your groups, so it can identify the next free rep by itself and assign tickets to her automatically. But that’s just wishful thinking.

But is it, really?

Introducing Automatic Ticket Assignment (and Mrs. Round Robin)

Ok, Mr. Ticket-Assigner, pack your bags and leave way for little, petite Mrs. Round Robin. Starting this week, you don’t have to worry about wasting support hours looking for and picking up tickets. With Automatic Ticket Assignment in Freshdesk, you can have every new ticket that falls into a particular group automatically assigned to the next available agent. Handsfree!

Take a moment to read that last sentence again. Group? Available Agents? Round Robin? I’ll get to that in a second and it won’t slow us down.

The Brain & Fingers for your Groups

Now when you create (or edit) a Group in Freshdesk, you get to choose whether you want agents to manually pick up each ticket, or have them automatically assigned to the next agent. All you need to do is turn on Automatic Ticket Assignment from the Groups page, and Freshdesk will dispatch new tickets as soon as they arrive to this group.

Round Robin figures out who’s next

Freshdesk automatically assigns tickets to the next available agent every time. So if Alex got the first ticket and Bob is working on the second, the third agent in the Group, which is Charlie, will get the third. Everything’s nice and fair with Round Robin.

Availability and DND mode

But perhaps Charlie really deserved that coffee break. Or he’s working on a tough nut ticket and just can’t take up any new queries right now. Agents can temporarily mark themselves as ‘unavailable’ for new tickets by just clicking the Do Not Disturb icon from their Freshdesk portal. And when they are ready for the tickets again, they can click on the icon again and get back on the game. Mrs Round Robin is very understanding, and won’t disturb support reps unless they want her to!

To learn more about automating ticket assignments in Freshdesk, head over to our solution article and get everything straight right from the basics. This feature is available in the Estate plan, which includes the Freshdesk Arcade.

*The verses are from Carolyn Wells’ poem, ‘The Round Robin’. 

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  • I don’t have a Ticket Assignment option when I edit a group. How do I enable it?

    • Hey guys, this feature is available on Estate, and I just figured you are on Garden. Send in a ticket to support, will you, we’ll see how you can get this.

  • Gabriel Landaeta

    Hi, is it possible to assign tickets from the same email address to different groups? I mean like filters. Example:

    Tickets from blahblah@blahblah.com with the term “blah1” goes to Group Blah1

    Tickets from blahblah@blahblah.com (same email) with the term “blah2” goes to Group Blah2.