Save your XXL replies from Mr Murphy – Autosave is here..

Written by on August 21, 2012

Autosave your support email responses
Autosave support responses

Every once so often, you need to type out that longer-than-usual reply. Or you need to consult with your boss before hitting “send”, or just feel like getting a hot cup of coffee. And Mr.Murphy (of the Murphy’s Law fame) decides to prove a point and your browser crashes, taking your nice long essay with it.

It happens all the time. You know it when you hear a loud groan from the support guy sitting across the floor. Wouldn’t it be awesome to reopen the ticket and find that long reply saved as a draft?

If you are using Freshdesk to support your customers, you won’t be hearing those groans anymore, thanks to the autosave capability. Now when you sit down to compose that reply to a ticket, you can rest assured that all the poetry you type gets saved every few seconds.

You can even navigate out to other pages, check on a few more tickets and break that hunch with a nice walk around the office. The reply you typed is saved and ready whenever you choose to come back to it, until you hit “send”. And yes, even the tickets you choose to forward, or notes you add get autosaved. So no more slapping heads, frustrated rewrites, or groans of agony.

Freshdesk stores the drafts for each agent and ticket. That means if your agents are working on multiple tickets simultaneously, the replies they type on each ticket gets saved. And if more than one agent is working on a particular ticket, their drafts don’t clash either.

So go ahead and take your time to type out that really big response. Your support agent – 1, Murphy – 0.

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