Who's the Boss? A reminder on the Indian Independence Day!

Written by on August 15, 2012

Today is a pretty good day for some refreshing thoughts. After all, this was the day some 65 years ago that India won her independence. Mahatma Gandhi is probably the most well-known Indian world over, so what better way to toast the day than with one of his equally famous quotes?

  Customer Service quote by Gandhi

Throughout the quote, Gandhi, the frail rockstar who championed for the independence of today’s largest democracy, shows the importance of a customer-first philosophy for success in spirituality and business. In fact, Gandhi goes way beyond just importance when he says we, as any business or individual providing a service, are dependent on our customers every single day.

Here’s a quick “what if” scenario you could try playing in your mind. What if one fine morning you have the King of the state walk into your petite little shop selling knick-knacks? How would that change the way you tune, modify and package your service? From the old janitor who keeps the shop floor tidy, to the guy in the front desk, the enthusiastic seller who shows customers around your shop, and you, the owner of the store – every player in the team would make sure they bend over backwards, forget rules and policies, and do everything you can to give your best shot at winning the love of this customer.

What if we could all see ourselves serving every single customer like how we did the King? That would make a huge number of speechless, super happy customers asking for more wouldn’t it? The moment we realize that every single customer walking into our store, browsing our website, or calling our support hotline is a king to us from that moment, the idea of customer service stops being “just another business function” and becomes an ingrained part of every last person involved.

So here’s recognizing that our independence as individuals, happiness as consumers and success as businesses keep growing higher and higher when we as a global society realize the simple wisdom that we are dependent on our customers. Happy Independence Day India.


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