Freshdesk Contest : Bring out the Service Rep Love!

Written by on February 27, 2012

Customer support is always a firefighting job. It is easy for service reps to get frustrated, and often the monotony of the job can translate to bad service. Plus add to it the fact that customers are already frustrated with a problem when they reach customer support. Only a good service representative can turn the tide over.

Remember one of those “nothing-seems-to-go-your-way” days, when you walked in to your neighborhood cafe and the smiling barista went the extra mile to create the perfect blend to lighten your spirits? Or the time the support agent at your bank patiently answered your every query, without putting you on hold or transferring your call to Elbonia?

We call that “customer love”. The kind of service that makes us lean across the counter, give the support agent a hug and scream to the world about how they just made our day… And for all those thousands of support reps who make us feel special every day, we are running a Facebook contest to celebrate our service superheroes.

All you need to do is head over to the contest on our Facebook page, share a picture of the support rep that made you feel awesome, and share a line or two about how they did their magic.

For our part in the celebration, we will be giving out Starbucks gift cards worth a week of coffee every day for two. Sip yours and share the other with the service rep who loves you.

If you haven’t already, check out more Fresh stuff that we do everyday, on our Facebook page.

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  • minister paul daniels

    MINISTER= PAUL Danies, I would like to talk to thr costomer servise if possible if i hve your phone number if not my number is 0031682793060 thank you.

  • caithriellesam

    Customer love is something that all of us should possess.  Having the intention of serving your customer beyond what is required of you is really admirable.