CRM Watchlist 2017: CRM Industry Impact Award

Written by on February 15, 2017


There are many ways to measure success in business. It can be about having a great product, or metrics like revenue, number of customers, geography or even number of people employed. This year we’re really excited to be one of 4 new winners to be added to the 2017 CRM Watchlist. What makes this award different is it’s not simply about having a great product or other singular metrics. The measure most important in the CRM Watchlist is impact.

Paul Greenberg, legendary CRM analyst and the custodian and arbiter of the CRM Watchlist, is adamant about viewing this award in the context of impact. “The Watchlist is designed to find companies who have not only had a significant impact in the market the year before…but also are built to continue having that impact in the following approximately three years, ” says Greenberg. “The CRM Watchlist is an impact award. It’s an award that identifies the strength, mindshare, and market share a company has in the markets it addresses “

The questions Greenberg asks as part of the submission process create a level of self-assessment and introspection that, if taken to heart, are a measure of your progress towards relevancy and impact in your space. As we see all too often, success in the technology business is not simply about having the best, most innovative technology. It takes leadership, culture and execution to be ensure long-term success.

As Freshdesk founder and CEO Girish Mathrubootham recently expressed: “When we founded Freshdesk in 2010, many were skeptical as we decided to jump into a crowded space. We saw an industry about to shift towards more authentic and social interactions with customers, in need of a company to drive that change. We continued to work towards our mission and have built a company not just worth considering but worth investing in, To be recognized for our growth and impact on the industry is an honor.”

As I was preparing our submission this year I took a look at our first submission, for the 2014 CRM Watchlist. It brought a smile to my face. It was bold. It was naive. But the most striking — and satisfying — insight from the first application was how much our company today represents the vision we presented four years ago.

While we take a moment to enjoy the award, I know we still have work to do. Time to get working on making sure we have good stories to tell for next year!

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