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Written by on October 13, 2014

A key component of Freshdesk culture is reducing friction around customer service interactions. We developed a powerful but simple to use platform to make it easier for businesses and organizations to manage customer interactions and deliver great customer service. In 2012, we launched Freshdesk Arcade which added gamification to our helpdesk platform. We did this as a way to help motivate customer service agents to focus on the aspects of customer service that are known to improve customer satisfaction and create happy customers. Freshdesk Arcade helps create happy agents, and happy agents are best suited to make happy customers.

The Freshdesk Leaderboard is where the action is with Freshdesk Arcade. It has four categories derived from traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for call centers and help desks, such as customer satisfaction, speed of response and first call resolution. Some of our customers tell us they have agents who work late into the night to make sure they are on top of the leaderboard in the morning. These agents? We call them Customer Happiness Heroes. They are driven to deliver great customer service and, like all superheroes, are endowed with superpowers that allow them to deliver customer success.

Here are our Customer Happiness Heroes and their superpowers:


The Sharpshooter lives to get it right the first time, finding the just the right answer, solution or resolution for the customer.

Powers: Concentration, Listening, Empathy, Patience; the most powerful Sharpshooters have the ability to so expertly get to the heart of the matter they leave customers saying “Wow! Thanks! I didn’t think it would be so easy to solve this problem.” When you’re that good, you make it LOOK easy!

SpeedRacerSpeed Racer

Speed Racers can plow through a mountain of help desk tickets in record time. It’s not about resolving the ticket and getting the customer off the phone, but about quickly getting to the heart of the problem and finding the appropriate solution.

Powers: Encyclopedic Product Knowledge, Rapid Recall, Keen Insight and Analytic Ability; some of the more powerful Speed Racers also have the ability to quickly set customers at ease and allay anxiety to help get to the crux of the issue faster.

Customer WowCustomer Wow Champion

Customer Wow Champions begin with the end in mind: customer satisfaction. They can stop locomotives and leap tall buildings and go that extra mile to make sure they have happy customers.

Powers: Empathy, Stamina, Boundless Enthusiasm, Determination; some of the more powerful Customer Wow Champions have vision to see the big picture and not get lost in the minutiae, and have the power to transform ordinary customers into heroes themselves, brand advocates.


The MVP’s do it all: get the answers quickly, get it right the first time and leave happy, smiling customers in their wake. They use various combinations of their powers to solve the toughest problems and defuse the most volatile situations, effectively and efficiently.

Powers: The MVP’s powers draw from each of the other Customer Happiness Heroes. They have powerful concentration and listening to draw out the roots and complexities of any problem, can draw on vast product knowledge and resources to find the right solution (the first time), and create happy customers and brand advocates.

At Dreamforce this year we will be celebrating these Customer Happiness Heroes. If you plan to be in San Francisco for the event, be sure to drop by Booth N1048 in Cloud Expo North and get a sketch of yourself as your own Customer Happiness Hero.

It is often said customer service is thankless job. Well, here’s to all the Customer Happiness Heroes out there. Thank you!

Sharpshooter Alan



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