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Customer Happiness Tour: Berlin 2017

Written by on April 7, 2017

As a leading provider of customer engagement software, it’s only natural that customer happiness through engagement has been, is, and will be our top priority. So we decided to host the 20th event in the series at Berlin, where we brought our customers, industry experts, and thought leaders, to share insights, and discuss the past, present, and future of CX.

'Customer support is everybody's business' - Keynote by Arun Mani
‘Customer support is everybody’s business’ – Keynote by Arun Mani

Arun Mani, Managing Director, Freshdesk – Continental Europe, kicked off the event. His two part keynote started off with a brief introduction about the journey of Freshdesk, how we’ve grown since our inception in 2011, and our highlights.

Customer service is everybody’s business

The second part of his keynote started off with a story about his bad customer experience with a large British airline company. “How many of you have had a bad customer experience in the last three months?”, he asked. With almost 70% of the crowd responding in agreement to the question, Arun spoke about what is wrong with the current “assembly line” model, and went on to show us how to move from a bad to good to WOW customer experience. Freshdesk’s collaborative features combine the latest trends in technology to act like a pitstop in a race, and enable multiple teams to come together and deliver a WOW experience to their end customer.

“Introducing the pit stop model. Place people over processes because no one wants to feel like a ticket.” – Arun Mani, Managing Director, Freshdesk GmbH

Arun then went on to end his keynote by giving us a sneak peek into the near future, with a demo using Amazon’s Alexa. He intended to show the future of Freshdesk, when AI, ML, and NLP device interfaces such as Alexa takeover. He was able to get information about the help desk, support tickets, and also automate multiple processes of his help desk by just talking to Alexa. How awesome is that?

Setting, aligning and achieving goals as a customer support team

Following Arun, we had Henrik, CEO, Perdoo, talk about how support teams can set, align, and achieve their goals for cross functional success. He addressed the importance of finding the right balance in setting goals for teams to stay motivated, especially for teams that interact with customers on a day-to-day basis.

Knowledgeable service agents don’t provide the best service

Alexander Holtappels, Founder and CEO of Sabio GmbH, a company that offers knowledge management solutions for customer care, gave us a TED style talk. He talked about how bad customer experience sticks, and that is the issue. He explained how the best service is no service wherein, no customer wants to be in a position to need support.

“Currently, customer service is done by people enhanced by technology. But five years down the line, it’ll be done by technology enhanced by people.” – Alexander Holtappels, Founder & CEO, Sabio GmbH

The happy e-Commerce customer – Skills & Tools

Dr. Axel Niclas, CEO of The celexon Group, who was next in line, spoke about the inception of their business, and how they struggled with customer support as they had multiple channels. He highlighted how after meeting Freshdesk, their business processes improved, and it was easier for them to manage their support. He also covered what his organization defines as a ‘happy e-customer’, and how they strive to achieve that.

Omnichannel: Myths, Realities, Opportunities & Challenges

Post a short break, we witnessed a very compelling panel discussion with Contiamo, Rocket Internet, Idealo, and Berlin School of Digital Business on the myths, realities, opportunities, and challenges in today’s omnichannel world. Great insights on data, context, and managing omnichannel in each of their organizations were shared.

“Most companies lack the capabilities to connect what happens across multiple channels.” – Michael Franzkowiak, Founder & CEO, Contiamo

Panel discussion on omnichannel

From Multi-Channel to Cross-Channel Customer Communication

With the already large number of customer engagement channels constantly expanding, it becomes harder and harder for companies to create communication strategies which are consistent and in alignment across teams and channels.

Speech by Manuel Hinz, Managing Director, CrossEngage
Speech by Manuel Hinz, Managing Director, CrossEngage

Manuel Hinz, the Managing Director of CrossEngage addressed how to track all user, product, and behavioral data, and then turn that into valuable customer engagement strategies. The Managing Director took the opportunity to detail how CrossEngage enables businesses to successfully orchestrate cross-channel communication with their clients by fine-tuning exactly the kind of data they want to leverage for specific communication channels.

“With each new channel addition, the complexity grows exponentially.” – Manuel Hinz, Managing Director, CrossEngage

How Freshdesk helped us move from 33% to 100% happy customers

Tobias Carneteg, from the Swedish Sports Federation explained in his speech how Freshdesk helped his organization move from 33% to 100% happy customers. The non-profit umbrella organization faced a huge problem with training their agents, coupled with the myriad of tickets flooding their inboxes everyday.

He went on to explain how they overcame the challenge of having a very high average response time of 28 hours per ticket with the help of Freshdesk, where the average response time reduced to 4 hours.

Customer Service in a Globalized Economy

The last and one of the most entertaining talks was by the Chief Revenue Office at Unbabel, Wolfgang Allisat. Wolf spoke about how Unbabel as an organization is helping support agents talk to customers in a world divided by language barriers. His approach of taking customer support to the next level lay in realizing that prospects are more comfortable with and more likely to buy products or services if they see that a company speaks their language.

The 20th edition of the Customer Happiness Tour was an amazing experience where everyone present showcased their passion for customer support, shared insights and ideas on the latest trends in the industry, and had a great time doing it.

These are only some examples of the great speeches given and ideas shared that day. As always, after a CHT, we are delighted by the thought leadership our customers have demonstrated in each of their respective fields and feel touched to see how our product makes a measurable difference in enabling their business. With our presence in Europe expanding rapidly, we look forward to engaging with our inspiring community here. We hope to bring in CX leaders from more diverse backgrounds in the next iteration. Keep an eye on this space to see where we are headed next!

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