Customer Love (in) Nests..!!

Written by on June 14, 2012

Do you know where your hottest support bottlenecks are? When you are running your helpdesk in full steam, it gets kinda difficult to point your finger at the core problem areas. Of course, it would be great if you could pull out a report at the end of the month that shows you exactly what kind of problems choke your support, and on which issues your team gets cracking like a bullet train on steroids.

With Nested Fields (also called Dependent or Cascading Fields) in Freshdesk you can bucket every ticket into a specific category, sub-category and item affected. Industry best practices have been screaming about the importance of categorizing your support tickets for a good reason. Now with nested fields, categorizing tickets with a razor sharp accuracy, making sure it reaches the agent or group with the exact expertise, and identifying the biggest strengths and problem areas in your helpdesk become a breeze.

Razor Sharp Categorization with Nested Fields

Nested fields let you streamline incoming tickets into the right category, sub-category and item. If you were running an IT helpdesk you want your customers to tell you whether their problem is related to ‘hardware’ or ‘software’ issues. Under ‘hardware’ you could have additional sub-categories like printer related issues, desktops, laptops and mouse (especially if you had those old ball mice, you know what we are talking about!)

Sort Tickets into Categories, Sub-Categories & Items

You can create a nested field as a custom ticket field in Freshdesk and choose whether to show it to customers or hide it from them and have your agents fill it out when they are working on the ticket (or set up genius rules to automate even that using Dispatch’r).

To set up Nested Fields for your helpdesk, read our Solutions article on it here.
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