Customer Spotlight: Megaventory Transforms their Support Process with Self-service

Written by on October 25, 2016

About Megaventory

On a Greek island in 2008, a successful e-commerce business in the diving industry found themselves wanting to expand to another city. Back in the day, there weren’t any affordable or practical solutions to handle inventory and order management across multiple locations. So Kostis Mamassis decided to create his own to cover the needs of the e-shop; founding Megaventory. A startup of four people, Megaventory is now among the leaders in the web-based mini-ERP market today, offering SaaS to address the inventory and order management needs of SMBs in more than 40 countries around the world.

With a geographically scattered team and only two employees focusing on support, Megaventory faces a real challenge in handling the dozens of customer queries that come pouring in everyday. Prior to Freshdesk, Megaventory was using just email to handle customer communications; there was no ticketing system or knowledge management software in place to help them cut through the chaos. With no customer support software in place, there was also no context, which made answering complex business logic questions with no knowledge of the customer’s prior interactions a little challenging.

The Megaventory office

In an effort to make the whole process more efficient, Megaventory did some research to find the right customer support software to suit their needs — an exercise that led them to Freshdesk and other industry leaders.

“Freshdesk looked more solid as a solution than Zendesk.”, Dimitris Athanasiadis, Business Delivery and Marketing Manager, explained. “Its wealth of features, detailed and granular ticketing system, combined with value for money, multilingual capability, options for phone support tracking and a knowledge base, made it the best choice.”

Dimitris Athanasadias

The quest had a happy ending; Megaventory has been a satisfied customer for two years and six months.

“The ticketing system is granular and powerful, and also extensible for any customizations we needed over the years. It’s hugely important in our industry which includes specialized and often elaborate software that most users can’t grasp right away even if they have experience in the field. Including Freshdesk in our stack has greatly helped us prioritize our efforts for the benefit of our customers.”

Some of Megaventory’s customizations include a Zapier integration to pass information to Pipedrive CRM; these customisations have helped Megaventory solve their biggest problem: lack of context.

“There was this one time that a customer asked us for a refund several months after leaving the service. To resolve the claim, we had to go back to the Freshdesk thread in which the details of the deal were documented. We used the publicly available link of the relevant support thread in order to provide him with a professional answer and gracefully close the issue. This kind of professionalism in our processes, even when issues arise out of the blue, is probably the best Freshdesk benefit.”

For the love of self-service

Megaventory offers support primarily via email, but they also extensively use the knowledge base and ticketing system. In the pre-sales stage, they use phone support and screen sharing demos too.

After adopting Freshdesk, Megaventory was able to track everything that was going on with support tickets in an organized manner that was accessible to everyone. They thus shifted their focus to formalizing their answers using the knowledge base.

“The knowledge base is a very useful treasure trove of information for our clients. It can help significantly in reducing load for support by allowing users to access answers even when the Megaventory staff isn’t available.”

“It’s an easy to manage, self-service tool that gives customers the option of researching solutions themselves and finding answers immediately without needing to contact the business and wait for replies. It’s worth spending time creating articles, and every time we get a new question we convert it into an article. Plus, with the ability to like and dislike knowledge bases, we can easily find out where we need to improve our content.”

“The knowledge base also helps us answer chat queries, even on the go. We simply fire up a browser (a knowledge base tab is always open in most of our smartphones) and search for the respective entry in the knowledge base to answer the customer query. It’s very easy then, to switch back to the request and answer the client with the link and a brief commentary.”

Customer Happiness, Refreshingly Easy

“Using Freshdesk, we were able to stay consistent in our answers because all team members can always refer to the same body of knowledge. We saved time in answering other forms of support as usually most answers have been pre-written. We’ve brought down the number of questions we receive because users are now ‘trained’ and look for answers in the knowledge base first.”

“The customer comes first is the simple and timeless adage we stand by. Being able to support customers quickly and without letting any issues slip through means we focus on offering our customers the best support we can – and Freshdesk is instrumental in doing this.”

As for the team, Dimitris says the fact that they rely on a process revolving around a solid knowledge base has meant a positive impact on agent performance.

“Everyone here is happy to use Freshdesk and we’ve come to a point where it’s really not there anymore – we’ve gotten used to using it to the extent that we don’t realize we’re on it when we’re answering tickets. It steps out of the way to let us get the work done. Using Freshdesk is like set, and forget.”

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