Boost Your Customer Loyalty With CustomerGauge-Freshdesk Integration

Written by on July 28, 2015

This is a guest post by Christian Reni, Retention Evangelist, CustomerGauge.

“It will just take 15 minutes of your time…” 

We have all received such lengthy customer satisfaction surveys and many of us choose not to respond. However, if you have experienced the pain of filling out a long survey, did you ever wonder what happened to your feedback?

Did someone read your answers? Will someone get back to you, to tell you what they learned and changed?

Probably not, it rarely happens!

The problem with long surveys

Companies that send lengthy surveys usually struggle to respond to feedback because it’s not easy to pick out actionable information from the 20 or more questions they ask. And before their researchers have done their statistical exercises and derived anything from the answers, customers have forgotten the survey and the answers no longer apply.

So, if your company runs such long, unsatisfying satisfaction surveys, then it needs a simpler solution. A solution that offers them a highly actionable way to receive and deal with satisfaction issues, improve customer experience and grow a loyal customer base.

What it needs is the Net Promoter® Score (NPS).

The starting point for NPS is a simple, a two question survey based around the question “How likely are you to recommend (this company, this experience, this representative) to your friends, family or business associates?”

The customer answers between 0 and 10. This is then followed by a single follow-up question, to cut through the noise and focus on what’s most important: What do we need to change to improve?

The NPS as explained by CustomerGauge

Once you’ve started surveying your customers and the feedback starts coming in, the most important part of NPS is to put it into action. By following up on customer feedback you have the ability to not only improve the customer experience you deliver, but also prevent future issues by doing root cause analyses and digging deeper into issues.

In addition, NPS identifies at-risk customers. With the ability to act on feedback instantly, support staff can reach out to these customers and find solutions to their issues. For simply following up on NPS surveys, research has shown that you can resolve up to 60% of such issues.

NPS surveys create feedback that is simple to understand and can be quickly turned into action. With the new CustomerGauge – Freshdesk Integration it is now possible for companies to measure customer loyalty and add actionable feedback directly into Freshdesk from CustomerGauge.

Including Net Promoter response in Freshdesk

A typical integration allows a company to set the criteria for which a survey response will be opened automatically as a new ticket in Freshdesk. For example, this can be all survey responses or maybe just those that answer from 0 to 6. Alongside this, companies can also set the ticket priority based on score.

This gives customer support representatives the ability to follow-up customer feedback as soon as customers submit their surveys, from within the system they’re already using. Furthermore, support representatives can also see previous survey results and tickets from a customer while handling subsequent support tickets.

CustomerGauge-Freshdesk Integration


You can integrate your CustomerGauge account with Freshdesk in just a few clicks. To learn more about the integration click here or contact CustomerGauge at

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