Dreamforce Attendees Agree: Poor Customer Service Impacts the Bottom Line

Written by on October 21, 2014

At this point, we all know intuitively that providing a good experience and good support for our customers is important. It may not always be easy to do, but we know conceptually that it is a priority. We know this, at the very least, because when the companies that we buy from treat us poorly, it makes us want to switch to their competitors. But what does the data say? Does bad support really hit the bottom line?

This week, with over 100,000 sales, marketing, customer service, and IT professionals gathered for the Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, we took the opportunity to collect some data to see if we could support (or refute) this belief.

We surveyed more than 350 fellow Dreamforce attendees from a variety of industries. Our questions focused on experiences with customer support both professionally and personally.

Here’s what we found:

Dreamforce Survey Results

  • Three out of four professionals polled report that they have personally cut ties with a company in the past year due to a bad customer support experience.
  • Seven out of ten sales professionals report that their company has lost a customer or lost a sale due to a poor customer support experience or poor support reputation.
  • Nearly nine out of ten respondents note that a positive customer support interaction had changed their perception of a brand for the better
  • Even if customer service is not their primary role at work, more than half of our respondents feel responsible for customer service and the success of their organization’s customers
  • Email, phone and chat are still the preferred ways for business professionals to engage with customer support.

The results from our Dreamforce survey were clear: customer service is critical, and it can make (or break) tangible business opportunities for companies across industries. The good news is it works both ways: just as a bad experience can cause you to lose a customer, a great experience can save one.

Dreamforce was an exciting week full of inspiring speakers, networking opportunities and industry insights. Thanks to the Dreamforce community for participating in our survey. We look forward to more next year.

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