Engaging Customers through Social Media is more than setting up a Facebook page!

Written by on December 6, 2010

In my earlier post I wrote about Airtel missing an opportunity to engage with customers during their rebranding exercise. While I was researching online for that post – I discovered another gem – this time a missed customer support opportunity.

Airtel infact has a public facebook page. To my surprise customers were pouring love and hate on the page. There were atleast 8-10 comments per day and a lot of them would qualify as customer support requests.

Here is a screenshot of a happy customer requesting a new connection


And the response from Airtel is to send an email with contact details to a traditional support desk.

Here is another screenshot showing a couple of more requests – one is a simple How-To, the other one is a real frustrated customer who is unable to reach Airtel support.


In both cases Airtel’s reply is the same – Send an email with your contact details to (what is possibly) a traditional email based helpdesk.

This smart user gets it –


Unfortunately the Airtel support guy does’nt.

Think about it. You have setup a Facebook page and customers are coming there and they want to talk to you there. In many cases they are coming here because they were not able to reach your support through traditional means like an email or a phone call. What is the point in repeatedly asking them to send an email to you support desk? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can take these Facebook messages and automatically feed them as tickets into your helpdesk. Would it not be even better if you can post updates as comments to these messages updating customers regarding the status of their tickets.

Our helpdesk software – Freshdesk will launch with this and lots of other cool features.

This is just one example (albeit a very powerful one) that demonstrates that customers are willing to reach out to you through different channels provided you are willing to listen.

Don’t let your customers face the same trouble. Sign up for the Freshdesk Beta today and get ready for some Social Support!

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  • Customers are really becoming more expressive through social media and companies should be proactive in dealing with such cases.  Proper integration on how to address each issue is very important, because no person is alike when it comes to services issues.  Better find a much better plan on how to reach your customers to prevent further issues from occurring.