Five amazing things you never knew you could do with the Dispatch'r

Written by on June 3, 2013

If you were running your own party, the first thing you want to do is ensure only the right guys come in. You need someone to make sure that the bad guys (and guys without proper shoes) stay out. And you need to help your good buddies find their way to the right bar or group.

The Dispatch’r in Freshdesk is like the bouncer to your very own private party, sitting at your support gates and making sure the right tickets go down to the right support reps in your team. If you’ve had a chance to explore Freshdesk, you probably know how the dispatch’r helps you save hours of reading through tickets, categorize, prioritize and assign them.
For example, if you get a ticket from the Elves, needing assistance about their archery, you can get it assigned to Legolas automatically.

But then, there are so many more ways you can use the Dispatch’r that could potentially save your support life. Here are the top 5 ways Freshdesk users save time, create a richer customer experience, and clean up after a crime scene with the Dispatch’r (ok, the crime scene was a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea!):

1) Tighten your spam filters

Freshdesk protects your support from spammers by blocking anyone sending you a sudden surge of emails in a very short time. But when you’re gearing up with the more-than-usual load of support tickets, even one email from the Sultan of I-dont-really-care promising you ten million dollars can actually be annoying.

Screen shot 2013-06-03 at 12.38.55 PM

You could login personally and mark those tickets as spam, but there are far too many lottery offers than you could possibly mark off as spam. Here’s how you can set a Dispatch’r rule to make sure that tickets you are supremely disinterested in go directly to spam.

2) Jump the notification queue 

It’s great to send out a first acknowledgement email to your customers, and tell them someone is working on their ticket. But when customers call in through the phone to log an issue, shooting them an email telling them you’ve received a “new ticket”  just doesn’t make too much sense, does it?

You can set a simple rule in your Dispatch’r to skip certain emails from shooting the first “acknowledgement” email. That way, your automated emails get a little smarter, and your customers aren’t confused with an alert the moment the get off the phone with you.

3) Pay more attention to the high rollers

There are always some support queries you prioritize over others. They could be from a very hot prospective lead or from one of those really important customers you have.


The Dispatch’r lets you look out for just these emails originating from a particular source, tweets/posts from a particular contact/company, so you can assign those tickets to your crack team who can then dispatch answers super fast!

4) Alert the night owls for the non-business hours

Tickets roll into your helpdesk regardless of whether you’re at the office or not. It could be outside business hours, it could be Mardi Gras, it could even be Christmas, but tickets will still ping in. But then, during holidays and outside business hours, you don’t want to disturb your support team with all of the tickets that clock in. You want to give them time off and let the skeleton team handle low level tickets.


Dispatch’r lets you set up rules so that if it’s outside business hours or a holiday, you can assign all tickets to a certain group or agent. Just remember that Dispatch’r rules are executed top to bottom. So, if there’re other rules whose conditions fit your ticket to a T, they will be executed first.

5) Send a whole new custom notification

When it’s a ticket about something critical, you don’t want the customer receiving your generic ‘We got your ticket’ email! Nothing sounds more artificial and callous, and you know it. But you can’t sit around watching the helpdesk dashboard all the time and replying to such tickets when they come up.


Dispatch’r makes this easier by letting you set up rules so that if any new ticket contains critical keywords, a customised email is immediately sent assuring them that you’re on it!

So go on, get cracking, and if you need any help with setting your Dispatchr’s up, shoot us a mail at support(at)freshdesk(dot)com, and we’ll do it for you!

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  • Mark Adkins

    These are great, but I have a question. Why does the Dispatch’r stop running through rules on that ticket after the first rule? For example, if I have 2 rules with 2 different conditions that could both apply to the same ticket, why doesn’t Dispatch’r process them?