Flex your Business Hours: What time does the store open?

Written by on January 30, 2013

Most businesses run like clockwork, with pretty consistent working hours throughout the week. Wake up at 6, walk the dog, finish up breakfast by 8, start taking support calls at 9, and keep at it till 5 when you pull down the shutters and get back home. Monday through Friday. So when it comes to negotiating service levels with customers, a single rule defining business hours works perfect.

But then, some of us like to fuzzy it up a bit. We work half days on Saturdays. We put in a couple of hours extra on Mondays, because Mondays need some help. And we get home three hours early on Friday, because… well, it’s Friday. A single official “store working hours” doesn’t quite cut it for us. Your customers understand. After all, there’s no point working a uniform 8 hours every day if you KNOW your customers need you more on Mondays than every other day combined. But how do you get your helpdesk and SLA policy to understand that every day is different?

If you haven’t already noticed the new customization options on your daily business hours in Freshdesk, you are going to love this. You now get to set business hours for each day of the week distinctly, and your SLA policies “get it”. That way, you can leave home at 4pm on Saturday and catch some football without worrying about an SLA violation. You can read how to set them up here.

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