Freshdesk announces Support for Facebook Messages: From Walls to Messages with Your Identity Intact

Written by on May 15, 2012

You might have already noticed the Facebook “messages” capability for business pages.
So far individuals could go all undercover and take their private conversations offline through messages, but the only way to talk to a business on Facebook was on its wall. In public view!

Protect message privacy on Facebook with Freshdesk - your Social Help desk
Customer identity gets more secure, thanks to Facebook messages

With Freshdesk, businesses can already support customers through their Facebook wall. Now they can take their support to private messages as well. So what does this mean for your customers and your business?

Brand lovers can finally be discreet in their critique: Facebook has been a great place for customers to voice their opinions with the world. Now as customers talk to brands directly as well, through Facebook messages, businesses can rest assured that complaints get ticketed, assigned and answered through Freshdesk, whether it came through messages or the wall.

Sharing sensitive information “off the air”:  A lot of times, businesses could need some sensitive information from the customer, like account details, email IDs or even their mother’s maiden name (seriously). The kind of stuff you wouldn’t want floating around in public. Now customers get to move the conversation off the air, by messaging the brand. And support teams using Freshdesk get all the details they need, without compromising their customer’s identity.

Finally, the whole loop in one place: If a customer has been frustrated enough to complain on Facebook, telling him/her to shoot a support email is not going to make him/her very happy. Support teams now get to run the whole conversation loop, shifting between “world-view mode” on their walls, and “incognito mode” on their messages.

Lesser timeline spam: Users look forward getting information about a brand that is relevant to them, when they like a page on Facebook. A timeline filled with conversations between the company and individual user has no consequence to anyone else. Now that individual conversations with a customer is moved to the message box, brands can show off a timeline with information pertinent to the whole community.

Convert messages / wall posts on your Facebook page into help desk tickets in a jiffy
Converting Facebook messages into Helpdesk tickets

So there. You can check out how you can start supporting your customers through Facebook, using Freshdesk here. Or just go ahead and give your social help desk a spin with the free 21-day Trial.

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