Share your resources with ease using our new integration with Box

Written by on March 24, 2015

It has happened to every one of us.

You slave over a user guide for months, trying to make it the most comprehensive and easy-to-understand manual ever written for any product, ever. You write it, you rewrite it, you tweak sentences, you inserts GIFs to make steps easier to understand, you do a walkthrough with sock puppets but most importantly, you do everything in your power to make sure that it contains the answer to any FAQ that the customer can come up with.

And when this paragon of perfection is finally deemed ready, you want to share it with all of your customers so that they’ll have a easier time of it.

Except you can’t.

Every time you try to attach it to a response, the mail client tells you the same thing: The file you’re trying to send exceeds the attachment limit. And this pretty common across all email providers. But this is 2015. And figuring out how to attach your slightly large files (15 MB if you were wondering) shouldn’t be a part of your life. Attachment limits are as great a problem nowadays as read errors on a floppy disk.

And thanks to the makers of brilliant cloud storage providers like Box, you get to upload documents, guides and videos – no matter how big they are – and access it from anywhere in the world. With Freshdesk making it easier to communicate with your customers, it should take just a click to share that file with them.

The only missing piece in the puzzle was getting Box to play with your helpdesk. That changes today, with our new Box integration.

Transcend file size limitations with the Freshdesk-Box integration

The Freshdesk integration with Box empowers your agents, and gives them the ability to directly attach files from their Box account to ticket replies. Every reply with an attachment links directly to the file on Box, and your users will be able to download large files at lightning fast speeds.

If, like other 140,000 businesses, you use Box to collaborate and share documents in your organization, you understand why this is great news. It works out brilliantly, not just for teams who use Box to share resources with each other, but also for agents looking to attach documents on the go.

You can also attach these files to your knowledge base. So if you have a large video tutorial you want to share, or a download link that’s too big for your solution articles, you know where to look.


Ed Hagan, Co-Founder and Partner at O|Miga, a provider of back office management services and Freshdesk user, said, “Making it easy to share documents across cloud based applications is an ongoing challenge for us. This integration with is an excellent addition to the existing Freshdesk integrations. It is a very positive step that not only increases the productivity of our client service team, but also the experience of our clients.”

The Box integration is already live on your Freshdesk accounts; so you can start taking advantage of it right away. So go ahead, jump into your account, enable the integration and say goodbye to file size restrictions.

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