Freshdesk for iOS: Everything you love, pocket-sized

Written by on April 8, 2014

If there’s one thing we hate doing, it’s saying “not just yet”.

Which has gotten us into more trouble than necessary, admittedly. In our enthusiasm to do everything at once, we spread ourselves too thin, like butter on too much bread. Something we are working on correcting right now (our therapists are pretty optimistic about our chances) by making sure that we do catch up to our promises. And learning to say “no” to the ones we’re not planning anytime soon.

So, we’re happy to finally announce something, as a companion to the Android app that came out a couple of months ago, something that you’ve all been asking for, for quite a while now: the Freshdesk app for iOS.

That’s right. The iOS app is, now, wild and free. So, if you have an iPhone running on iOS 7 (or an iPod Touch too, come to think of it), skip over to the App Store and look for a little dew-drop on a leaf.

Here are all the ways it can make your support better:

1) Simple steps to super efficiency

Support your customers effortlessly, no matter where you are or what you’re doing with the new iOS app. Slide from conversation to conversation, with just a flick of your fingers. Add notes with a single tap. Filter out tickets in your helpdesk, with ease, and choose what you want to work on, with just a swipe of your thumb. Simple, intuitive and efficient, it’s everything you love about Freshdesk, pocket-sized.

2) One-click solutions with Scenario Automations

You never notice how many clicks a particular action takes until you’re maneuvering around on a tiny 4-inch screen, trying to solve an issue. Make your life easier – get a whole bunch of tasks done with just a single tap, thanks to scenario automations.

3) Search: cleaner, faster and more beautiful

You might not have noticed, but we spruced up our search UI quite a bit, recently. And you’ll be extremely happy to hear that we haven’t confined it to our desktop version. The iOS app also bears our new, clean, fast, beautiful and many-filters-encompassing search that you’ve all grown to love.

4) Track time spent supporting your customers

When you’re supporting on the go, the last thing you want to do is jot down how much time you spent supporting whom. Which is why there’s a little timer at the bottom of your ticket screen; just remember to tap on it before you start saving the day.

5) Sign in with Google+ or Facebook

Save yourself (and your agents) the hassle of remembering (and typing in) yet another login. The iOS app supports single sign on, and all you have to do is hit “Sign in with Facebook/G+” and you’re golden.

Now that Freshdesk is available on both Android and iOS, you can finally go on that vacation you’ve been putting off because your helpdesk was like an albatross. Just make sure you charge your batteries or you’ll end up, stranded in the middle of nowhere.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. No, seriously. Go ahead, take it out for a spin and let us know what you think. Email, Twitter, Facebook or Disqus, whatever you choose.

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  • Mark Wright

    Great to see Freshdesk on iOS. Now my team have no excuse to miss support tickets!