You’ve Got MailChimp – The new Freshdesk/MailChimp integration

Written by on January 4, 2013

Customer Support is lot like a long distance relationship. In other words, it’s tough. You’ve hardly seen your customers, and every time you reach out to them with a sales email you’re probably waiting for their reply, that notification on your computer that says – You’ve Got Mail!

Just that if  you could know what your marketing team see in their email marketing data, whether the message reached them, what they clicked on, what they read, and so on. That’d make sure your customers always get a happy ending, right?

That’s the idea behind the Freshdesk – MailChimp Integration. Now, the support team knows exactly who gets which mailers. They can quickly add confused customers to the on-boarding list or remove grouchy ones who don’t want to be disturbed. After all, it is them who come face to face with the customers everyday. The agents even get to know exactly what newsletters customers have been reading for so long. That would have come in handy for Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, we expect!

What it means to have Freshdesk and MailChimp working together

1. Meg’s messages don’t get mixed up
Add your mailing address to Freshdesk and you don’t have to keep checking it again and again for replies. They now go directly to your helpdesk, where there are agents waiting to resolve it on arrival. That way, no customer email gets sad and lonely while it sits and waits in your inbox.

2. Tom knows if Meg gets his message on time
Agents get complete access to MailChimp’s subscriptions settings from Freshdesk and control who should receive emails. A customer who is already in conversation or prefers to be left alone can be removed from a list quickly. Meanwhile, every click and open is tracked and the numbers are accessibly right where they are.

That brings two of your favorite services together, giving you a whole lot of functionality and insight. Who says work and romance can’t go together?

You can sign up for Freshdesk’s 21 Day Free Trial here.

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  • Cool, but I’d love to see an integration with @MadMimi:disqus 

    • Anonymous

      It’s on the list guys! Soon soon.. 🙂

  • J. Alexander Curtis

    Too bad this article doesn’t explain how to add mailchimp to your freshdesk. I am excited to use it, but I guess i need to look elsewhere to figure out how to get them integrated with eachother.