Freshdesk goes Freemium, Grandpa Policy and the 3 Laws of Freshness

Written by on February 5, 2013

Today we just announced the new Freshdesk Plans & Pricing options to the world, and I was about to make a round up with just that. But then, as with every pricing change (good or bad), there’s always some worries about how that affects existing customers. So I thought I should lay down the “Three Fundamental Laws of Doing the Right Thing“, that we follow here at Freshdesk before I go on:

Rule 1: Do what is right for the customer.

Rule 2: Do what is right for the company, as long as it does not conflict with Rule 1.

Rule 3: Be wacky, tacky, creative whatever, as long as it does not conflict with Rule 1 & 2.

What does that mean for our customers?

For starters, you will always pay exactly what you signed up for. Forever and ever and ever. And that doesn’t just mean we’ll be Grandfathering you through time… That means you will have all the features and capabilities in the plan you select forever, AND any future updates we make to that plan. And I say the word once more for emphasis – FOREVER!

From just one, to Three agents full-on Freemium

At Freshdesk we think it’s really important to make customer support easy, flexible and fun for every business. In that order. That directly implies making it really easy for the best support teams to get even better, the progressive teams to get proactive, and the teams stuck in chaotic support processes to get streamlined. That’s why we made the first agent free forever, across plans last year. The trouble was as we added even more powerful capabilities into Freshdesk, the free agent wasn’t making a lot of sense for the small business on higher plans. That makes sense too – there aren’t a lot of use cases when one guy supporting customers by himself would want to compete (with who?) on Freshdesk Arcade, or even need agent collision detection capabilities.

So we decided to create enterprise level capabilities at the Estate and Garden plans, powerful social support capabilities for medium and growing businesses on the Blossom plan, and make the Sprout simpler, easier and free-er for the small business to get started. And no more first agent free forever. 

Shangri-la, for Three Guys with a Mailbox

After talking to a whole bunch of small businesses and startups, we figured their biggest problem was streamlining their support conversations on their email inboxes. It was actually a big deal to wake up and realize that most startups were still stuck with email and sticky notes, and honestly we wanted to do something to make their lives better. So we tinkered with the Sprout plan till we came up with all the capabilities that a small (three guy) support team, stuck with email, would need.

Oh, and we made it free forever. Head over to the plans & pricing section on our website to see how each plan stacks up in features and price, or in case you haven’t yet – signup for free.


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