Announcing Freshdesk integration with JIRA

Written by on March 21, 2012

Freshdesk is delighted to announce our latest integration with project tracking tool JIRA. Used for issue tracking and project management by over 14,500 organizations in 122 countries, JIRA will enable your development team to take care of project and bug tracking, while the support team can ace all your customer communications.

With the new JIRA integration, when a customer reports an issue in Support, the Support agent can convert a ticket into a JIRA issue or link the ticket to an existing issue (if the issue is already open). When the issue is resolved or closed in JIRA, the agent can view the same in Freshdesk and update the customer with the fix.

Easy to set up and use, the integration will help your organization serve customers better by improving response time and minimizing information lapses. Customer support and issue resolution will get faster and awesomely efficient.

The integration is available with both the on-premise and on-demand versions of JIRA including the new JIRA 5.

Try Freshdesk’s JIRA integration today. You can sign up for the 21 day free trial here.
For instructions on how to integrate JIRA with Freshdesk, read our Solutions Page article here.

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