Freshdesk is now integrated with Capsule CRM

Written by on December 17, 2011

Freshdesk is happy to announce our integration with Capsule CRM, as we roll it out for all our customers today.

Now as you view and reply to tickets on Freshdesk, you can view the contact and company details of the requestor from Capsule.

Also, if the requestor is not in your Capsule contacts, you can quickly add the contact to Capsule, without leaving the Freshdesk Ticket page. You can search for contacts from Freshdesk.  You can also create and add notes.

Neat huh? We thought so too.

Alternately, when viewing contacts inside Capsule CRM, with a single click you will also be able to see all the tickets they’ve submitted in Freshdesk. This way, your sales and support teams can quickly and easily share customer contact and ticket information.

When sending replies from Freshdesk, you can use the bcc feature to send a copy of the reply to your Dropbox email address(provided by Capsule) to log your reply as a case in Capsule CRM.

Here’s to a ‘fresher’ experience with Freshdesk.

You can sign up for our 21-day free trial here.

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  • caithriellesam

    No wonder Freshdesk is fresher than ever.  Another great integration from two awesome companies!