What’s new in the Freshdesk Marketplace – August 2017

Written by on September 5, 2017

August was an eventful month, with a number of new and interesting apps making their debuts on the Freshdesk Marketplace.

Let’s begin by taking a look at two apps from the Freshdesk stables:

In-app chat for your mobile, now within Freshdesk

That’s right, Hotline is now integrated with Freshdesk. Get contextual information right on the Freshdesk ticket detail page. From the app name to the type of device to the OS, all relevant details are published on the screen for agents to view before responding to a customer query. If you have multiple mobile apps, you can use multiple Hotline accounts with a single Freshdesk account as well.


Cheer up your agents and improve morale

Cheerleader is one of our inhouse innovations that helps make your working day a bit more fun. Whenever one of your agents marks a ticket as resolved, the Cheerleader app will throw up a fun celebratory GIF to congratulate your agent – whether it’s a surprise cake from space, or Tom Cruise giving them a thumbs-up. Liven up your work atmosphere and motivate your support agents with this app.


A chat tool that combines with Freshdesk to unify your support


Stay in touch with your on-site customers and offer help right when they need it. The LiveChat app can be both a sales and support tool. It provides chat operators with the tools they need to connect and communicate with prospects and regular customers, and easily convert chat transcripts and support emails to tickets in Freshdesk. Installation takes no time, and everything you do in LiveChat integrates seamlessly with Freshdesk and the other tools you already use.


Migrate from any helpdesk to Freshdesk

If you’re new to Freshdesk and you have a lot of tickets to migrate, here’s the solution you’re looking for. Helpdesk migration migrates all your data from any other helpdesk to Freshdesk with considerable ease. It allows you to move tickets, notes, contacts, attachments and more without having to invest in complicated programming or execute a long set of steps.


Customer satisfaction, just a click away

Customer Thermometer lets you embed feedback icons, stars, smileys and more right into your Freshdesk tickets. Your customers simply click a button to rate your response or service. Their feedback is logged and associated with their account, so that you can follow up to fix any issues. Get alerts from unhappy customers instantly, and increase customer feedback and survey response rates across the board.


Freshdesk info made easily available in other formats

Flatly is a straightforward app that exports your Freshdesk data – such as tickets list, contacts list and more – into Excel, Google Sheets or other file formats. Flatly can also be automated to export and create regular sheets from Freshdesk data. Get data backups, historical snapshots for reference, deep analytics and more with the Flatly app.


High-quality instant translations

Unbabel Translate is a slick new app that solves a very pertinent problem for businesses – how to best support customers who speak multiple languages. Agents often have to switch between tabs and copy-paste text repeatedly to do so; however, Unbabel offers instant automatic translation of customer queries into the language of your choice. Type responses in your language and Unbabel will automatically send them in the customer’s language as well.


A bot that reduces your ticket inflow

Technidoo is an Artificial Intelligence-powered bot that specializes in cognitive solutions for automated customers communications. This bot helps you optimize your customer support by checking incoming mails against a knowledge base and answering questions directly if it finds a match. If there is no match, a Freshdesk ticket is generated so that agents can take the conversation forward.


Unwind without leaving the helpdesk

Tired after attending to a lot of tickets? Take a quick break and play a game of Tic Tac Toe against the computer. This is a fun app that provides a welcome break to your support agents so that they can take their mind off work for short bursts and recharge.


Get screenshots and bug reports as tickets on Freshdesk

With the embedded Usersnap app, your customers can easily reach out to you by submitting screenshots and customer support requests. The app ensures your support agents are able to track, follow through on and resolve these issues by automatically creating tickets on Freshdesk. Every single piece of information – such as the annotated browser screenshot, browser used, and installed plugins – will then be stored in your Freshdesk dashboard for your agents to view.

That’s all we have for this month; as always, watch this space for more!

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