Freshdesk Secrets 2 – Catch Knowledge on the Fly

Written by on October 3, 2012

Convert your Help Desk emails to Knowledge Base articles in just a click.
Knowledge on the Fly

Have support answers ready in your head? Save & retrieve them whenever you want to.

Most businesses, big and small, struggle to keep their knowledge base updated and new agents in-sync with all the latest information and goings-on. And yet most often when replying to a ticket, seasoned agents show such brilliant pieces of knowledge that can be super useful to the entire team. If only they knew of it, that is!

Of course, nobody has the time or patience to write a solution in your kbase, which means most of this genius never sees light outside of your support agents’ email boxes. In Freshdesk you can forward these emails to your help desk and have it automatically converted into a draft in your knowledge base. Now all you have to do is proof your draft, make edits if you have to and publish it and make life easier for your team and customers.

The gem in this secret is your Freshdesk help desk already comes with a default email address that will convert every incoming email into a knowledge base draft. Try shoot any email to and watch the magic!

A few situations where Email to Knowledge base will help you

Spark of Genius
There are some help desk issues that keep coming up over and over again. When you come up with a brilliant solution to a customer’s issue, you can just bcc your kbase email address in your reply and have the solution draft ready in your knowledge base. That way, you get to capture every Moment of Genius.

Knowledge from the Past
If there is one place where those critical knowledge pieces are lying in your team, it is probably in your mailboxes. If you just spent a couple of hours going down those interesting emails from back in time, you are sure to uncover a huge mine of diamonds. And when you do, you can just forward them to your knowledge base so the next time you don’t have to go mining!

Speedy Training
Once you get the dust off your repository of genius, you have a bunch of collected wisdom that will be a fountain of knowledge for your rookie agents. And they can now read, use and learn the solutions to recurring problems, right from the experts.

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