Freshdesk Secret 4 – Backup every mail, lead & conversation

Written by on October 26, 2012

Most tools like your CRM or project management software let you shoot an email to automatically create a lead, project or document. And when it comes to customer support, wouldn’t it be just great if you could send a copy of your conversations right into your leads information or projects? Of course, you don’t want your customer to see this address copied on your replies to them.

Or perhaps you’ve had those times when you need to rope in someone from the engineering team on a ticket without the customer knowing. Oh, wouldn’t it be perfect if you could just bcc your replies to any email address you want?

Backup every mail, and go ninja with BCCs

Freshdesk lets you bcc your tickets to your dropbox email, get stuff organised and done. You just need to add the bcc address in the reply you send from within Freshdesk, and all your subsequent ticket conversations are automatically copied to that address, without your customer seeing it.

You can automatically add bccs to every ticket coming into a specific mailbox, or choose to blind-copy someone on just a specific reply. After all, you can’t be a ninja if you don’t go all out, can you?!

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