Freshdesk Secrets 1 – Agent Email to Ticket

Written by on September 28, 2012

This post kicks off our new series ‘Freshdesk Secrets’, specially for the Freshdesk Legion, the worldwide community of support agents who use Freshdesk.

We are highlighting  a few awesome hacks that they can use to get the maximum out of Freshdesk.

Agent Email Forwarding to Ticket

Got customers directly emailing your agents? Forward and ticket it right!

Sometimes, when customers become your good buddies, they start directly shooting support queries directly to you, bypassing your support email. While the “buddy” part sounds great, the conversation eventually gets lost your mailbox, without getting organized in your mailbox.

Email Piping in Freshdesk lets you directly forward customer emails to your helpdesk and have them converted into tickets automatically. Freshdesk identifies that the email came from an agent, adds the customer as the original requestor and creates a shiny new ticket, subject lines, content et al.

Learn how to convert customer emails to support tickets
Freshdesk Secret 1 - Agent Email to Tickets

A few situations when Email Piping can save your life:

When you are on the road
Email Piping becomes mighty useful when you are stuck between the road, airports and packed lunches. If you know your team has your back, just forward the email to your help desk, get it ticketed and rest assured that your support team gets working on it.

When you know you are going to need the records
One of the greatest benefits of having a good help desk in place is that all your important support conversations are available for the rest of your team to learn from. But sometimes you want to add that personal flavor by talking to the customer from your direct email. Email piping lets you keep the personal touch, and still have a record of the entire conversation in your help desk by forwarding the email to your support portal.

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  • neteffects

    Email Piping is actually a very convenient in terms on handling customer ticket.  It’s a gateway of being organize and secure in handling different request from different customers.

  • Anonymous

    A slight bit more How to info might help here – as in do you just literally forward the email to your support email and because it’s from an agent it jsut magically becomes a new ticket, or is there something more to it?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly Sir. All you have to do as an agent is to just forward the email to your support email and it will (magically) become a ticket. 🙂

      • Interesting. If I email my support directly (not forwarding) it receives the ticket. But forwarding an email to my support email address (and I am an agent) – no ticket created.

  • John Stevens

    When I forward a message, FD sees  me as the client? What else can I do then forward it?

  • Doesn’t works for me, from mail is an agent. How can I test it?

  • Now works, freshdesk need english word, thanks to your support team!

  • JMK

    FreshDesk sees me as the client when I forward from my agent email…