Freshdesk Secrets 3 – Automatic ticket closure with Supervisor

Written by on October 8, 2012

Set a simple rule to close resolved support tickets automatically using Freshdesk Supervisor
Closing Support Tickets

Let the Supervisor close tickets you’re done with and focus on what’s important

You are on a roll and tickets are flying from your dashboard lightning fast.

But then it strikes you that resolving an issue or a ticket doesn’t necessarily mean that it gets closed. The customer needs to close it as well. And more often than not, this is something they forget, and it’s your job to make things easier on them.

After a week of your working hard and customers not closing complaints, what you have is tickets that aren’t closed and a lot of stuff that appears to be unanswered.

Not something you want.

Let the Supervisor do the routine and the mundane 

Here’s how you can get rid of this headache – all you’ve to do is use the Supervisor to relieve yourself of the boring task of ticket closing.

A simple rule like the one shown above will enable you to automatically close resolved tickets after a defined point of time.

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  • neteffects

    Another convenient way to deal with a boring task.  Your client will surely love this ticket closure supervisor.  Imagine the time and effort that you can save when the supervisor do its job.