Announcing FreshPlugs: A World of Integrations Plugged into your Help Desk

Written by on November 2, 2012

Integrate any third party app into your help desk with FreshPlugs
Extend your Help Desk’s functionality with FreshPlugs

John’s Pizza place, which he opened the year he got married to Stephanie, is now doing pretty well. In fact, so well that John’s restaurant is now facing a huge influx of visitors and delivery orders.

As the story goes, John decided to start using Freshdesk to make sure he never misses a call, passes on the snacker’s feedback to the chef, and knows exactly when to add extra onions and when not to…

John has his customer’s address on file. He knows who got their pizza cold. He knows where who he should send the bread-sticks to. He knows everything he needs to know.

Except one thing. If only he could pull up exactly “where” his customer are on a map right inside the support portal, he could do so much more with his small team of delivery guys and mopeds.

Ah, well.. Now he can!

Introducing FreshPlugs in Freshdesk that let you bring in pretty much any information you need right into your help desk. You can create a FreshPlug with your own nifty HTML, CSS and JavaScript, share data about a ticket or customer with third-party tools, databases, legacy systems or applications, and bring any cool information right back into Freshdesk.

Get your customer’s favorite Pizza, toppings and where they are, right into the ticket

With FreshPlugs, companies can now tailor their support tickets to include an assortment of product information. Not only does it make it easier for support teams to see relevant information in one view, it also gets the customer much better support as the agent already knows the context of the customer communication.

So you don’t sell Pizza?

Here are a few more examples where FreshPlugs can totally rock your support –

1. On-the-field support teams can see exactly where an issue is coming from on Google Maps right inside a ticket.

2. When processing a refund claim, you can pull insights like loyalty points and return history of a customer can be directly into Freshdesk.

3. You can integrate your VOIP telephony systems and have your FreshPlug softphone waiting inside every support ticket.

Check out everything you need to know to create your own FreshPlug here.

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