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Written by on March 20, 2013

Today is one of those days that changes everything.

I want to say it’s the day that redefines everything we know about customizing the tools we use everyday, or rebranding our support, or even about customer support in general. But I know that’s hardly the point. The truth is today we are launching happiness, in unlimited flavors and sizes, with the launch of FreshThemes.

FreshThemes lets you completely customize your customer support portal with your own styles, layout, design and interactions. But it lets you do so much more. FreshThemes lets you create an experience around your support that is personal to your customers. And, for the first time in the world of suits, ties and business software, FreshThemes means Choice and Happiness.

What is FreshThemes and why is happiness so darn important?

Can you imagine a world where the only juice you can get is Orange? Or the only ice-cream vanilla? Would you be ok with having a wardrobe full of deep blue shirts and just that? When you, as a consumer, are so tuned to having choices, preferences and a personality, why should your support be any different?

Your customers want you to make it personal. When they come knocking at your door with a support issue, they are yearning for an experience that they can turn the tale over and make them fall in love with you. Of course, you can stop with just satisfying the customer. Or you can go the extra mile, and give them that support experience that will make them delirious with joy. FreshThemes give you complete control over your customer support experience. In fact, with FreshThemes, you get to decide what your support portal should look like, how you want information to be presented, and where.

But… What does it mean for me?

FreshThemes, like happiness, can mean different things to different people. It’s the designer’s dream-come-true for the Michelangelo in you. It means you can design and deliver the support experience you always wanted, without worrying about any creative restrictions.

To the CSS Geek, FreshThemes lets you break out of the boring and the monotonous with all the canvas, interaction and usability genius bottled up inside you. You now get to enjoy happiness, right at the code-level of your support portal.

Most importantly, to your customers, it means a better support experience – an experience that’s you. It means you get to decide what they see when they want some help, when they are angry, when they want to tell you your support’s great. And since you know your customers best, that means a better, cleaner, and happier support experience for them.

If you are still wondering why this “FreshThemes” thing is so world-changing, paradigm-shifting, mind-blowing, drop-your-pants-ing awesome, here’re four reasons why:

1. FreshThemes is raw, undiluted power for just about anyone who cares about Experience

With FreshThemes, you can give your customers the experience they need, when they need it. For starters, you could  show your e-commerce customer her recent orders, and where  her latest package currently is. Or you could go all fancy and modify the look and feel of your entire portal. You can guide your customer through her support experience, one step at a time. And you can completely change the layout, effects and interactions to suit your style.

2. FreshThemes are your style. All the way.

With FreshThemes, you can paint, pop, pad, push, turn, and more with your own Cascading Stylesheets (CSS). I’ll leave it for the CSS geek in you to have a little party in your head right now, but the point is you get to style every last element in your portal.

3. FreshThemes are easy. Super easy.

True story – we threw a bunch of HTML newbies into a room, and four hours later we had a whole bunch of pretty slick themes ready. FreshThemes are super easy to build – of course, a little basic HTML and CSS can go a long way, but you can build your own theme armed with just your support portal, this FreshThemes Guide, some intro lessons from W3Schools and 1 large pepperoni pizza.

4. FreshThemes come in packs. Kind of like family, but more fun.

FreshThemes are so brilliant, they hate being alone by themselves. That’s why we built them a nice little FreshThemes Gallery here, where they can swing by, meet other cool users, and go home. You can download the FreshThemes you really like from the gallery and start using them right away, or you can further customize them to make them scream “You” even more. And you can share the themes you make with other Freshdesk users, get their feedback, and build a better world, one theme at a time.

If you are revving to see what you can do with FreshThemes, here is a handy guide that will help you get started with building your own. Or you could check out the FreshThemes Gallery to directly plug, play and start making your customers fall in love with you all over again. Of course, you will need a Freshdesk account first so if you haven’t got yourself our awesome help desk software yet, go ahead and signup to start trying some themes.

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  • Thanks! Love the new looks. Killer app overall.

    • Thanks Clay!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks a lot Clay!

  • is this feature applicable to all plans ?

    • FreshThemes is available on the Garden and Estate plans, Daulat. Do get in touch at support if you want to upgrade of if you have any specific queries about it.

    • Anonymous

      FreshThemes is available on the Estate plan, Daulat.

  • Anonymous

    Sure Fahed, we’ll do that for you. Just send us an email or your email id, here or on Twitter, and we’ll make sure you get what you want out of FreshThemes.

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