Four ways to improve your support with Freshdesk and Google Apps for Work

Written by on February 23, 2016

The best stories about customer happiness – be it from a steakhouse, the Ritz, or from an e-Commerce site – come from organizations that have customer service deeply integrated in their culture. These businesses do not treat customer support as a separate entity. It forms one of the core divisions that drive their business decisions and principles. Since their entire support process is so deeply integrated with their workflow, it is also easier for these organizations to ensure that their customers remain happy while they grow their business.

And making customer support easier for businesses is exactly what we do here at Freshdesk. With the ability to manage email ticketing alongside all of your channels in a single consolidated inbox, we’ve developed our products with the single goal of making it easier for you to interact with your customers to solve their issues. We have also integrated with one of the most widely used applications suites for businesses, Google Apps for Work, with the same goal.

Today, more than 5 million organizations rely on Google Apps to run their business. Scandinavian Design Centre, a well-known home decor e-commerce provider, and Cloudbakers, a leading solution provider that helps companies migrate to the Cloud, use Google Apps integrated with Freshdesk to provide seamless support for their customers. Both SDC and Cloudbakers have significantly improved the quality of support they provide by using these integrations.

To further streamline support for these companies, we further expanded our integrations with Google Apps.

Freshdesk integrations with Google Apps for Work

Ever worried about having to manage your user base? Wondered why you should create yet-another-username-password to login to your desk? How to let your customers submit their inquiries? How to convert your support emails into tickets?

With the Freshdesk – Google Apps integrations, you’ll be able to solve all of those problems with just one click. With these integrations, you’ll be able to let agents and users login to your helpdesk with their Google Apps accounts. Support agents will be able to manage their contacts better, set reminders to follow up on questions, schedule and get on video calls with customers, and more.

Here’s how some of Google’s Apps work with Freshdesk:

You can use Google Apps for Work’s custom email feature to create custom email IDs such as and add it to your Freshdesk support desk as a support email. Whenever a customer emails you at that ID, Freshdesk will automatically fetch the message and convert it to a ticket based on the parameters you set. And you will be able to respond from within Freshdesk, enabling you to track the customer issues and ensure they get resolved.

You can supply your agents with IDs specifically tied to your domain and make it easier for them to sign in and out of the helpdesk with Google’s credentials. This makes it easy for agents since they don’t have to remember any additional passwords and also adds another layer of security – Google’s – for accessing your helpdesk data.

To learn more about how to setup your help desk to work with a custom Gmail ID, click here.

Google Hangouts
Sometimes, face-to-face interactions and the ability to look at the problem together in real time can help resolve an issue more quickly. In such situations, you can use Google Hangouts right from your desk. Enable this integration and you’ll be able to get on a video call with your customer, powered by Google Hangouts, right from the ticket window by clicking on the bright green button. This will make it easier to add a bit of personal touch to that one customer whose problem deserves it.

Google Calendar
Want to schedule reminders for some high-priority tickets? Do you want to check whether you have scheduled Hangouts sessions with two different customers at the same time? Freshdesk’s integration with Google Calendar makes sure that you can see all of your appointments in one window right next to your tickets. With your calendar visible right next to your tickets in your helpdesk, you will never miss that important appointment or worse, keep your customer waiting.

Google Drive
There are always some problems that just cannot be solved over email or chat. There will be those problems that need a tutorial video or a manual to figure things out. Use the Freshdesk – Google Drive integration to share those files with the customers while replying through your desk. No more typing long emails with lists of steps on how to configure a problem. Make a video or a screencast and show your customers how it is done easily.

Making minor changes to your support’s workflow (like implementing the apps above) can help your agents perform the same task more easily and empower them to tackle problems in better ways.

Instead of worrying about data reports, file formats or categorizing tickets, your support agents will be free to focus on helping customers. If you want to try Google Apps right now and get started on the path to happier customers, click here. On the other hand, if you wish to find out more about how other Google Apps can help to improve your resolution times, deliver awesome customer support, and keep your customers happy – click here.

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  • Austin Rivet

    With the Google Hangouts API being discontinued in several days, will Hangouts integration with Freshdesk still work?