The day my mailbox stood still… And I still got a Google Calendar invite!

Written by on April 18, 2013

It’s not everyday that you wake up to NOT being bombarded with emails. So this morning, as I rolled over and checked my phone I had a weird feeling my nightmare of being chased by an angry grizzly was not yet really over. After fifteen minutes of fluctuating between deep thought and panic attacks, I chanced upon my Twitter timeline and realized Gmail was down.

Of course things have gotten back in line since, but the Google Apps single sign on is yet to recover. For all Freshdesk users (like me) who are used to sailing through their support portals without having to mess around with a login screen, that means we have to use the old-school login method till the Big G says it’s ok.

Freshdesk and Google… Sitting on a Tree

I’m sure the guns at Mountain View are working their shoes off to fix this right now, so the non SSO work around should be very temporary. So back to my story… As a team, we go really deep with Google. When I have a doubt, I Google. A good chunk of my marketing life revolves around Google Analytics. I don’t just email – I Gmail. And thanks to my almost awesome Android, my entire address book IS Google Contacts. I’m not alone either  – there are over 5 million businesses using Google Apps to get their work done every day, just like me.

Almost a year back, Freshdesk became the first (and, so far, still the only) customer support solution to be as deeply integrated with Google Apps for business (viz. Gadgets for Gmail, Analytics, Contacts and Apps). But then, something was missing… We thought about it long and hard, we ordered pizza, we got into meeting rooms and we scheduled meeting after meeting with customers till our idea book, and calendars screamed us to stop. And the light bulb hit us!

How about scheduling a Google Calendar Event right from that Freshdesk Ticket?

Schedule meetings in Google Calendar right from Freshdesk

There are some nights in customer support when you know email alone just won’t do. You need to get on the phone, jump into a remote desktop session, or drive across town and explain the solution to clients over a cup of coffee. Of course, you are the night owl and the customer is busy with something else right now. Fifteen emails later, you decide a time and date, exchange phone numbers, and get cozy on your beanbag before you take up the next ticket. And the next. And the next… Until you realize you missed the call, and curse your stars for not remembering to put it up on your meeting calendar earlier.

With the Freshdesk – Google Calendar integration, you can create and edit events from inside the Freshdesk ticket. All those events, calls, meetings, birthday parties… Everything. Check out the solution here to get your calendar into Freshdesk.

Having Google Calendar inside Freshdesk means you don’t have to go back and forth between your calendar on one tab, and the support ticket on another. And, more importantly, it means you don’t have to remind yourself to set yourself a reminder on your Calendar.

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  • That’s really nice to hear. It makes sense to be able to make a reminder or even schedule an appointment from Freshdesk to my calendar.

  • Think i’ll try this intergration quick – good work!