Happy Anniversary Freshdesk!

Written by on June 7, 2012

It’s June 7 today – our first anniversary, an year since our official public launch! And what an year it has been!

In the wee hours of June 7, 2011, Freshdesk was born to the world – our public launch. And instead of keeping this the usual vote of thanks, we thought it would be pretty cool to think about the journey so far, the road ahead, and most importantly pass a round of high fives to you guys for being around and supporting us.

366 Refreshing Days

It’s pretty cool that we got an extra leap day this year. And in less than 8784 hours in total, we’ve grown from being a new born startup to helping a few thousand support agents win the love of their customers. And there is nothing like love reciprocated- special thanks for all the good wordspraise and proud Freshdesk users recommending us to their buddies…

Our team has been growing too. More happiness makers, engineers, deep thinkers, poets and even more engineers. Oh, and did we say engineers? Boy have we been chugging our engines! On average we have been adding new features, functionality and refreshing experience elements every 4 days..!

The Road ahead

Features, features and more features. We are racking up features, big and small round the clock so that it becomes even easier for you to earn the love of your customers. It’s great to hear from our users that their support agents are, for the first time ever, having fun supporting customers on Freshdesk. That’s something we obsess about- making customer support addictive, easy and fun for everyone. So you can expect more jazz here in the days to come.

We’ve been getting some love right from startups all the way up to large enterprises, from little one-man support desks to huge teams with complicated work flows. In the next few months, we will have even more power packed capabilities for all of our customers.

We built Freshdesk ground-up to equip every helpdesk with industry best practices through an intuitive interface. In the days to come, expect even more stuff to make earning customer love easier than ever.

High fives, beer and cake

It just feels like yesterday, when we won the 2011 Bizspark startup challenge. Actually, we were there yesterday high-fiving this year’s contestants. Oh, and we’ve been repeatedly on the news too- including TechCrunch, The NextWeb, Business Standard and so on.
Thanks to all our beta users who’ve been around ever since, helping us every day. You guys are special to us.

It’s been a great year. Here’s to lots of such years to come..

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