Introducing Freshdesk Arcade for Blossom and Garden

Written by on August 25, 2014

Next month, it’ll be two years since we introduced one of our most favorite features in Freshdesk – the Arcade. That’s two years since we made customer support fun, two years since our customers started jazzing up their support with points, leaderboards and trophies.

How Arcade came about to be

At Freshdesk, we think it’s really important to make customer support easy and fun for everyone. We want to give support teams, all over the world, a chance to have fun supporting their customers and still manage to keep their objectives aligned with their business goals. However, several months before we rolled out Arcade, when we had to decide which of our customers would get the feature, it made more sense to put it on our Estate plan, so that large teams could take advantage of it. We felt that Arcade didn’t make a lot of sense for small teams of 2-3 agents, where it was usually the founders or engineers doubling up to do support and replying to email requests. And that’s how Arcade became the first thing that went into the Estate plan.

Of small businesses and gamification

However, over the last year, we’ve come to realize that it’s not just the enterprise teams that are excited about gamification. Small businesses with less than 5 people in their support teams (the same brands who we thought wouldn’t prefer gamification), were also getting excited about leaderboards and quests. We heard different customers, big and small, tell us just how much they loved Freshdesk Arcade, how it was helping them become more productive and just how much fun support had become.

So, we decided that we needed to don our product manager hats again and rethink things to come up with a better arrangement. And today, we’re thrilled to announce, on the eve of Arcade’s second birthday, that Arcade is now available from Blossom, all the way through to Forest. And of course, this isn’t just for our new customers, we’ve rolled out integrated game mechanics to our existing customers as well.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out Arcade just yet, here’s a quick recap.

Leaderboards, trophies and badges

When you gamify your support with Freshdesk, every ticket becomes a chance to score points and climb the real-time leaderboard. To help them get there faster, agents are given bonus points for fast responses, first call resolutions and positive satisfaction ratings. In return, they are also penalized for late replies and making customers unhappy. Everyday, your agents race up the leaderboard and get closer to winning trophies at the end of the month – including Most Valuable Player, Speed Racer, Sharpshooter and  Customer Wow Champion.

To make things more exciting, you can also send your agents out on quests to take care of some of the most critical tasks in your helpdesk and offer them a bounty in return. Upon completion of a Quest, an agent earns a badge and a specified number of points. The badge gets pinned to the agent’s profile and the points added to their existing tally.

You can learn more about Freshdesk Arcade and how it works here.

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  • Jason

    this a great notice for us, I think that the support team will be improve their efforts in order to win points and a good rewards afterwards.

  • Ken

    Well this is a nice surprise. I’m sure our people will like this. We are also thinking of giving real life gifts when an agent hits a certain achievement.

    Maybe a tip for other companies!