Introducing MobiHelp for Android: Everything you need to deliver exceptional in-app support

Written by on June 9, 2014

As a dedicated smartphone user for the better part of a decade, I’ve seen a lot of things. I’ve seen some very unlikely apps succeed (I’m looking at you, Flappy Bird). And I’ve seen some very promising apps fail miserably. Apps that were born extraordinary, apps poised for success, apps that were supposed to go down in the annals of history. Apps that shouldn’t have failed.

Why do apps fail?

No, that’s not the question we should really be focusing on.

Why do good apps fail?

The word of the hour: feedback

Good apps fail because its developers aren’t in tune with what its users want, what its users need. Somewhere along the line, feedback just stopped being an integral part of the loop. But you can’t just blame the developers; actionable feedback is hard to come by. Especially when most of your users delete apps and move on at the sight of an issue.

You need to make sure that somewhere between the catapulting birds and the candy monsters, they remember to tell you exactly what turned them away. You need to make sure that you get feedback when the customers are still using the app. You need in-app support.

Introducing MobiHelp for Android: Make your helpdesk an integral part of your app

MobiHelp for Android is everything you need to make sure that your Android users get exceptional customer support. Here are all the ways in which MobiHelp can make your users’ lives (and yours) super easy:

1) Answers right when your customers need them –

If you think about it, there’s no point in having the most extensive knowledge base in this side of the universe if your users can’t access it when they need it. Enhance your Android experience; use Mobihelp to bring your knowledge base to your app so that your customers can look up solutions and read FAQs to find the answers to their problems without bringing you into the equation.

2) Get all the information that you need, without asking any questions –

Device data, app data, breadcrumbs, debug logs, the sun, the sky, the moon and the stars, and pretty much everything you need to collect about the issue will be made available to you with each ticket. No, we won’t ask your users to fill out everything manually, these details will be collected automatically. That way, you get to fight your bugs and solve your problems without asking a single question.

3) Your users can talk to you right from your app –

All your users have to do, to get in touch with you, is slide over to that Support button and they can get connected directly to a support agent in a matter of minutes. That’s what we call hassle-free user engagement!

4) Reduce the number of negative Google Play ratings –

Let’s face it: today’s users are impatient. So darned impatient that they would much rather just give an app a one-star and move on with their lives than roll over and shoot you an email about their problems. Make reaching out infinitely easier for your customers with MobiHelp, and watch the one-stars drop. You can even increase your app ratings by popping the question when your user is most susceptible: right after a happy interaction!

5) Easy to integrate –

All you have to do is trot down to the new shiny MobiHelp icon in your Admin settings; then it’s three simple steps and you’re good to go. Here’s a handy little guide that’ll walk you through the whole setup process.

You can get the SDK right here. Got some questions? Feel free to drop us a line or write to us at We’re always happy to help!

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  • PranayAiran

    this is excellent, thanks a lot !! 2 questions

    => Will it work on push notifications ie when we send a reply for the support ticket how will user know ??

    =>2nd what is the difference between feedback and support ?? does the

    In Conversation view comes for both ??

    • Hrishikesh Premkumar

      Mobihelp provides an API to get the number of replies. This can be embedded in your application for getting the user’s attention back to the in app conversation . We are working on push notification as well . It will be available soon.

      Support is the landing page which includes Solutions as well as In App Conversations. The users can help themselves using the solution articles or Start a conversation and also look at and respond to previous conversations.

      Feedback can be used when you just want to get customers opinion at a specific point of interaction in the app.

  • Really Nice App! Concepts are appearing to be new!

  • Aditya Sanghi

    This is nice