Public Ticket Links: Why sign up when you can just jump right in?!

Written by on January 29, 2013

We all hate having to “login”. I don’t know if it’s having to remember another username-password combination, or being blocked out by a login form but it’s just one of those things people universally detest. Most often customers are already pretty frustrated when they decide to reach out to support. Throwing a “login” between an angry customer and the possible solution to their agony is probably not the greatest idea.

But then again, there are somethings that you need to put up behind a signup form. How else do you track which customer replied to a ticket, or even keep the ticket away from eyes that shouldn’t be seeing it?

If only you could share a super secret link that only your customers knew? That way you can give them “one click access” to the solutions that could change their lives, and just need to confirm their identity when they choose to post a reply.

Your customers can already jump on to your Freshdesk support portal with their Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Starting this week, you can keep them on top of their tickets without even signing in!

No more barriers, with Public Ticket URLs
You can share the public ticket link with customers by using the Public Ticket URL Placeholder available in your email notifications and templates. Your customers will then receive a link that looks like “” that they can use to jump directly into the ticket. That’s one less login and one step closer to happiness!

Bonus benefit: Easier Sharing
How do your customers share ticket information with their teams? Copying the mail thread? Forwarding replies? You could save a lot of back-and-forth on a ticket by just letting customers collaborate responses with their team. With Public Ticket URLs, that’s as easy as sharing the link. Now the whole team gets to view progress on the ticket, but only you can add responses and notes.

Here’s a how to guide for public ticket links.

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  • Anonymous

    Any screenshot on how the ticket information would look like? It would be nice to see a screenshot or a public demo.