Announcing Freshdesk for iPad and a makeover for Android

Written by on June 17, 2015

The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.

For instance, there was a time when helpdesks were almost impossible to use without prior training. You had to spend months understanding how things worked, and even if you did, your access was restricted only to work hours. The noblest of support reps had no choice but to tie themselves to their desks if they wanted to be there for customers round the clock. It was a sacrifice they had to make for the greater good, to vanquish bad satisfaction ratings from the world.

Fast forward to 2015; the helpdesk has changed dramatically. You can now take it wherever you go, thanks to mobile phones. You can stay up to date on your tickets while you are sunbathing in Hawaii and even take the odd phone call while you’re walking your dog.

Bigger is better

It is the perfect solution for everyone… except when it isn’t. The problem with mobile devices is that they are… well… small. You have to squint an awful lot to keep looking at their displays and their keyboards are so tiny you’re all thumbs. Something that is especially bewildering when you consider that, as a support rep, the more convenient the device, the better you will be at your job.

After all, being a support superhero is all about providing the best answers in the quickest possible way, 24×7. This is hardly doable when you have to shackle yourself to a laptop or contend with a device that was definitely not meant for this.

But that’s a foreign country and hardly worth worrying about because in this one, you don’t have to switch out your iPad to your phone or a laptop to check for support notifications. You don’t have to stop watching John Oliver drink Bud Light lime to pick up your phone and check on a customer. You don’t have to tear your eyes away from The Girl on the Train to see if everything’s dandy.

Because in this universe, all you have to do to check on your helpdesk is switch over to the Freshdesk on iPad app and voila! Everything you need to deliver exceptional customer support, right between your hands.

That’s right. The Freshdesk iPad app is now wild and free. So, if you have an iPad (retina or otherwise) head on over to the App Store and look for the little dewdrop on a leaf.

Announcing the iPad app

And here are all the ways in which it can make your life better:

  • Efficiency can now be your middle name. Provide the kind of support you’re famed for, with ease, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Slide from conversation to conversation with just a flick of your fingers. Add notes with just a tap of your thumb. Customer happiness is now nothing more than a swipe away.
  • Social support on the move: Monitor keywords, drift through streams, reply to tweets, convert them to tickets… everything that makes social support easy is now available on the iPad app as well.
  • Take calls from anywhere, anytime, with any device: If you have your phone channel integrated into your helpdesk, you can answer and make calls on the go, right from within the iPad app.
  • Canned Responses and Reply Templates: When you’re supporting on the go, every bit of help counts. We get that, which is why you can now attach files to your canned responses and slide them into your replies with ease. The app also pitches in by inserting the contents of your reply template into your reply even as you hit the “Reply” button.

Download Freshdesk for iPad.

Unapologetically Materialistic

While we were busy making Freshdesk available for the iPad, we thought it was kind of unfair to leave our Android app out of the party. So we went ahead and pushed out an update to the Freshdesk Android app today; an update that serves up a brand new, clean interface for reading and managing tickets. And in case you were wondering, it’s all the sweeter because the new UI conforms to all Material Design guidelines.

If you’ve been using the app for a while now, you’ll immediately notice that there’s a new floating action button that does a ton of different things based on what screen you’re on currently. When you’re looking at a ticket, you can use the ‘plus’ button to choose between replying, forwarding and adding notes, whereas if you are you on the phone tab, you can use the action button any time to fire up the dialer to call your customers. On the social tab, you can use the button to post a new tweet from any of the accounts connected to your help desk.

Here’s a handy little guide to help you get up to speed on the app.

If you’ve been on the latest version of Android for a while, the app will definitely look familiar. Watch this video to get a quick overview of everything you can accomplish with the app, or go over to the Play Store to download the latest version.

If you already have the app installed, an update should arrive shortly. The update is available only for devices running an Android version higher than ICS (4.0).

Please note that we’ll be discontinuing support for the app in about three months for devices running on Android version lower than 4.0.  As the Freshdesk app becomes more powerful, older versions of the operating system may not be able to fully support the features that we currently have, and want to introduce. We regret the inconvenience caused, and advise you to upgrade to fully enjoy the new and upcoming features.

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