Is your support 'mobile' enough?

Written by on September 4, 2012

Not long ago, there was a time when terms like “premium support” and value added platinum packages made sense. Those were days when a business could muscle consumers to pay for what was already rightfully theirs. Business could hide behind Caveat Emptor, and the support team was just an auxiliary. And this worked, for a really really long time.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work anymore. Today, consumers expect businesses to respond to issues and fix them in real time. And that is a big problem for the traditional support philosophy. Your help desk can no longer wait until the alarm bells ring to start supporting customers.
The good news is, customer support today is the critical link between the business and the consumer.

Keeping your support team mobile and ready to resolve issues round the clock is the difference between a happy customer and a social media flame that can burn you up bdly. So here is a quick recipe to take your support everywhere you go:

1. Keep a tab on that “social thing”, and resolve issues in real-time

“55 percent of people stopped doing business with companies because they didn’t resolve issues in a timely manner. ” – Bolt Insurance.

When a customer mentions you on Twitter or on comments on your Facebook page, it’s your job to ensure that their interaction gets enough attention. If you take too long to reply, your customer is probably gonna grow tired of waiting, and either think you’re just lame, or assume you aren’t proactive enough to do business with.

The Recipe

An intelligent ticketing solution that lets you track and respond to queries, praise and complaints on social media should do the trick. But even if you aren’t going all gung-ho with customer support on social media, you should at least have an eye on what the world is talking about your brand, even if you are on vacation. If you aren’t too particular about getting your whole team to contribute though, a social media app that lets you search, follow and respond from your mobile should do the trick.

2. Take your support on-the-go

On average, for every hour you spend working on your desk, you spend two on your mobile device leafing through email, catapulting birds at pigs, checking into the neighborhood coffee shop, and swatting fruits with your ninja sword. That means your help desk could be more than twice as efficient, if you could squeeze it into your phones and iPads.

“On average, we spend 2.5 hours everyday on our mobile phones. That’s over twice the amount of time we spend eating and one third the time we sleep.” – Microsoft Tag.

The Recipe

Make sure you are “connected” to your help desk round the clock. Of course, if you want to save on data charges (and battery life), get your help desk to send you push notifications every time something needs your attention, instead of burning 3G data all the time.

3. Keep your devices in-sync with your help desk

Once you have found yourself a mobile app, the next step is to get all your devices ready for it. This means that you need customer support apps up and running on all your devices. Once you do, you need not worry about leaving your iPad back at home, since you will be able to use it from your Android phone.

The Recipe

With native apps forcing the way, experience across tablets, phones and desktops can be very different. Make sure you get adjusted across all the different devices. Or even better – look for an app that gives you a seamless experience across them all.

So do you plan leaving your helpdesk unmanned every time you are away from your desk? Or are you gonna gear up your support team to go mobile, regardless of whether they’re on iOS or Android?

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