A KBase Update: Design Makeover, Auto-Save, and more

Written by on September 15, 2015

When you are doing business with a company, it’s always nice to have personal support included in your package. And when we say personal support, we mean truly personalized support – wherein you can call a magic number and the person on the other side already knows what your problem is before you even say a word. We’re talking about conversations where every interaction you have is with a real, live human being who cares.

It’s perfect for everyone….except when it’s not.

In the real world, being there for your customers 24 hours a day, all days a week, and throughout the year (this includes Easter, New Year’s Eve and Groundhog day) is just not possible. Your support agents do occasionally need some time off to recharge but at the same time, it’s not really fair to expect your customers to wait when your agents are clocked out or are on vacation. Especially when all they need are answers to simple questions.

The need of the hour: Self-service

Call me anti-social if you will, but I personally like it best when my answer is just a Google search away, not dependent on an agent’s hours or their goodwill. And there’s a very good chance that most of your customer base agrees with me considering that only 45% of support interactions involve a human intermediary. That, I’d say, is a pretty strong indication that you shouldn’t just be focusing on truly personal support, but also on self-service.

This is why we do everything we can to make sure that your self-service experience is as amazing as it gets. Because that’s where the future is truly at – support without human intervention and service without robotic elements.

So, without further ado, we’re super happy to announce our completely redesigned-from-scratch knowledge base that is perfect for everyone. And trust me, this is not an exaggeration. It’s so good, it’s pixel-licking-delicious!

Our shiniest, newest interface…yet

The Solutions Update: Revamp

Aside from the numerous new functionalities that the kbase now boasts, we also made sure to give the agent interface a makeover to bring it up to scratch; an update that has been a long time in the coming especially when you consider that our community forums got the makeover a long time ago.

Draft your way to a more organised release campaign

The way it used to work is that if a feature update was going out at the end of the week, your technical writers would have had no choice but to write their updated article in Google Docs, twiddle their thumbs and then copy their version into the Kbase the minute the update goes out. There was no way for agents to manage an offline Kbase which allowed them to keep content ready proactively, no way for agents to find out what the article would look like to customers before it actually went out….no way before today, that is.

The Solutions Update: Drafts Pane

As of today, agents can now edit solution articles, save them as drafts and replace the current published version with the drafts whenever they please.

Leave no room for collaborative conflicts

While it’s easy enough to make sure that no one else is working on the same article as you in a team of ten, it’s a whole other issue to secure similar autonomy for yourself when your team numbers in the hundreds. With our newest update, when you try to edit an article that’s being edited by another agent, Freshdesk will automatically prevent you from making changes by locking it. Furthermore, it’ll also let you know exactly who’s editing it so that you can get in touch with them to work out access permission.

The Solutions Update: Conflict Resolution
The best part is, if the editing agent decides to work on something but neglects to unlock the article by saving their changes, Freshdesk will make sure that the article is automatically unlocked in 2 hours.

Save your agents some weeping over spilt milk with Auto-Save

Now, whenever your agents start editing a knowledge base article, Freshdesk will make sure to automatically save your changes every 5 seconds until you hit ‘Save’.

The Solutions Update: Auto-Save

Preview articles and make changes on-the-go

Preview solution articles and drafts even as you write them to find out how they’d look from the customer’s point of view.

The Solutions Update: Preview
This is really beneficial when you’re doing a big feature update – nothing says, ‘I have a handle on this’ more than a badly formatted solution article. A situation that could have been prevented if you’d had more time and a ‘preview’ option to save the day.

Access article analytics anytime you please

With the new update, you now have access to more article analytics than just the number of upvotes and downvotes that a solution article has garnered; now you can also find out exactly who upvoted and downvoted the article.

The Solutions Update: Analytics

You can also find out exactly how many eyeballs your article has garnered since its stats were last reset by clicking on an article and scrolling over to the ‘Analytics section’ in the bottom right for all the details.

A change of name and some article feedback

You might not have noticed but you are probably host to a number of solution articles that are credited to people who’ve since then left the company. This, for obvious reasons, can be quite misleading especially when you’re a new employee just trying to get more context about an article. However, this is a woe of the past because you can now change the author of the article to credit the person who revamped it last.

The Solutions Update: Change Author

This update also lets you view article feedback on the pane to your right even as you view the article itself! All feedback tickets that are still open or pending or marked with any other custom status you created will be visible on the pane to your right, above the ‘Analytics’ section.

The Solutions Update: Article Feedback

All of the new features and the existing ones are, of course, free for all our customers in all our plans. So you can go ahead and start playing around with these new features right away. Confused about where you should start? This solution article will help you get started. This one should help too.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to us at support@freshdesk.com or comment down below. We’re always happy to help!

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  • Matheus LinkBiz

    Sensational work guys. Kudos

  • Looks awesome!

  • It’s not clear from here: would these KB articles we write be searchable via Google? (going to a point made at the openig of the article about the nature of how most folks go about getting self-service).

    Or would folks need to visit our freshdesk site directly to find them? (Since I have virtually no reason for clients to come to my freshdesk site, and do all freshdesk interactions with them via email or freshdesk phone feature, that would be less compelling for me to bother creating kb articles.)

    I do realize that with such articles, I could point clients to them, in my email replies, but then again I could point to blog posts on my own site. Since you’re encouraging us to consider creating such articles here, I just want to help you help folks like me decide if (in a case like this) it would be a valuable addition. Thanks.

    • Charlie, your Freshdesk articles will definitely be searchable via Google – once you write some!
      When you do, you can check by searching Google for site:carehart.freshdesk.com

      If you want to see how it looks, albeit on an underdeveloped KB, try Googling site:goutpal.freshdesk.com

      In Freshdesk Integrations, you can setup Google Analytics for your Knowledge Base. That also allows you to verify your KB as a site in Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools).

      I haven’t developed my KB enough, yet, to justify spending much time promoting it. Personally, I plan to use it to focus on meeting the immediate needs of visitors who click the Helpdesk button on my sites. I feel the KB article should try to answer their immediate needs, with some relevant references back to my website for more information. As such, I’m unlikely to direct people to my KB, except maybe for an article that explains to visitors how it works compared to using my forum, etc.

      My website has evolved to cover quite a wide range of topics related to my main subject. Sometimes visitors feel a bit lost. I’m using the feedback from Freshdesk to make my website easier to navigate, and also to make the KB truly representative of the questions visitors have asked so far.

      Hope that helps. Us Charlies’ gotta stick together 😉

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  • Sami

    Nice story, but time is money. Would be nice if you just could keep up with the facts.