Meet Dispatch'r & Supervisor – Two super heroes who can help you in automating Freshdesk

Written by on August 9, 2011

In yesterday’s refresh to Freshdesk we launched a new feature called Supervisor. Many of you are already familiar with Dispatch’r – so let me take a moment to explain how you can automate Freshdesk using Dispatch’r and Supervisor.


Dispatch’r – Think of Dispatch’r as that super efficient girl in the front office who quickly sorts all incoming mail and delivers it to the intended recipient. Similarly Dispatch’r processes incoming tickets and assigns them to an agent or a group based on your rules. So if you want to mark all sales related tickets as high priority and assign them to the Sales team, you will use Dispatch’r.

Supervisor – Supervisor performs an hourly check on existing tickets and takes automatic actions based on certain conditions. So if you want to send a reminder email to a customer who hasn’t responded for more than 24 hours then you should use Supervisor. Other examples include “Automatically closing resolved tickets after 48 hours” or “Escalating tickets with more than 4 iterations to the Customer Support manager” etc.

If you love Dispatch’r and Supervisor and feel that you don’t have superhero powers, then don’t worry – We have built  Scenario Automations to give you the power to automate multiple repetitive actions with a single click whenever you want.

So for example – Let’s say a customer has reported a bug and your QA department wants you change the type of the ticket as a bug, assign it to the QA group and send an email notification to the QA lead, you can automate all of this by creating a Scenario Automation.

Check out Dispatch’r, Supervisor and Scenario Automations and let us know what you think.

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  • neteffects

    Having the dispatch’r and supervisor within your customer service system is actually a big help and relief..  Imagine having a efficient and productive assistant 24 hours a day..