My Response to the Zendesk CEO

Written by on December 4, 2011

In a recent tweet, Mikkel Svane, CEO of Zendesk called Freshdesk “A freaking-RIP-OFF”. Instead of engaging in a war of words with bad mouthing competition, we decided to present the facts as it happened. You can read my response and the full story here.

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  • mattcarp

    As a user of Zendesk for the past year, I’ve made a lot of effort to integrate the system into the workflow of our company.I was initially excited by Zendesk, but a couple of things started to get in the way:1. Accelerating prices. We started at a rate of about $30 per month per support rep, which increased to roughly $100 as we added features. I got the impression that for the features added (multiple product support), jumping from 30 bucks to 100 was unwarranted.2. No support for html within the ticket. My team would often get tickets with embedded html, and despite having engaged in a multi-year thread on the subject (, there’s no solution. The response was that this was a security concern. As a developer, my initial reaction was that stripping script tags would go a long way, and that web-based email systems (gmai, hotmail, yahool) seemed to be able to handle these things..The company I work for does 50 billion gross on an annual basis, and I’ve really wanted to expand our usage of a single help desk system. But even after personally spending a month writing code to integrate the APIs of a Zendesk partner which aggregates their data (a nice bunch of folks called GoodData), I’m not sure if I can say that we have a sustainable solution here. At the end of the day (and sorry for the rant), I guess the question is if Freshdesk can handle multiple products and emails which include html. And, good gosh, did they steal the idea of concatenating a word on the front of ‘desk’. In my company, before we started looking for outside help, we called our system ‘helpdesk’. Perhaps we should assemble legal counsel for having called it that.Thanks. Sorry for the length of this 🙂

  • Girish Mathrubootham

    Matt – Yes, we support multiple products, we can create tickets from HTML emails and you can send HTML emails when you reply to your customers.Thanks for stopping by and commenting here.

  • Sachin Agarwal
  • R.Bhavesh

    Kind of sad when a jealous nobody attacks your nationality. Go freshdesk go! Take this as a challenge and keep raising the bar. Make India proud.

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  • Bala
  • Sandeep Todi

    Yo Big Chief cowboys used to deal with Indians in the America of my childhood story books. Seems we Indians have now graduated from being ‘native’ Indians to being brave product ‘cowboys’. We should be proud to be cowboys because they always stood for a cause. It’s only the wealthy traders and cops who used to call the cowboys by that phrase, and that too stemmed from a superiority complex.Kudos Freshdesk team !

  • IT Support London

    To be honest. I don’t care if its a rip off. Does it work!!!!!! If it does, then that’s all that matters to the users. As long as there isn’t a copy right infringement, then go right ahead.

  • Rediend

    I couldn’t help but notice that “Assistly” – has now formally changed their name to “Desk”. Will this spark even more Zendesk rage? Who knows; but it is kind of funny, isn’t it!

  • Mark

    I couldn’t help but notice that “Assistly” – has now formally changed their name to “Desk”. Will this spark even more Zendesk rage? Who knows; but it is kind of funny, isn’t it!

  • Anonymous

    Oh they also used Freshdesk’s “social helpdesk” tagline when moving to “Desk” .. Well, for all of us, the more the merrier eh? 🙂 

  • caithriellesam

    This issue is actually very disturbing, imagine a cloud analyst expert saying bad things about a company he never really tried before just because he is a PAID blogger of Zendesk.  I believe their is competition everywhere we go, but I don’t think you should act unethical with your competitor esp if you are a well known professional.  I actually do admire you Freshdesk theme for staying calm and handling the situation calmly and with ethical manners.