What’s new in the Freshdesk Marketplace – July 2017

Written by on August 1, 2017

July was a very active month for the Marketplace, with a fresh new set of apps that have been added in various categories. Let’s take a look at some of the newcomers:


Automated live-chat to simplify support

Ada Support is an interactive bot that automates conversations you can have with your customers. Reduce the workload on support agents by allowing the bot to answer questions. Set answers to FAQs beforehand and the AI bot will automatically respond to queries and escalate issues if needed. A complete transcript of the chat will also be available on your Freshdesk ticket.

Business benefits: Reduced incoming ticket count, personalized customer service


A call management system that resides within your helpdesk

Enjoy all the benefits of a complete call management system with MyOperator. Every call that comes in via MyOperator gets logged as a ticket inside Freshdesk, along with key details such as caller name, phone number, time of call, duration and status. The complete recording will also be available in the ticket.

Business benefits: Access to comprehensive information about issues, increased customer satisfaction


SMS your way to customer support

The Teckst app helps build conversational relationships between brands and consumers. Send text emojis, videos, photos, PDFs and more, all from within your Freshdesk platform. You can also plug into the current analytics and CSAT tools you use to be sure that you can track everything in one spot.

Business benefits: Quicker ways to reach customers, lesser time spent on sorting multiple channels of support


Factor in customer relationships while providing Freshdesk support

Are you using Teamgate CRM and need tickets from Freshdesk to be connected as well? Well, you’re in luck! The Teamgate CRM app syncs all Freshdesk tickets from the customer along with the contact in Teamgate. Now along with sales pipelines and deals, you can track tickets from Freshdesk as well.

Business benefits: Improved customer engagement, more control over support process


Filling your ticket fields for you

Here’s another brand-new app from the Freshdesk factory that eliminates the key manual job of entering ticket properties. The Ticket Properties Suggester uses advanced machine learning to suggest most relevant results for Priority, Group and Type fields in your Freshdesk ticket. Smart-fill lets you review the suggested values and fills it up in your ticket fields.

Business benefits: Improved productivity of support staff


Complete context from Gmail, now inside Freshdesk tickets

When you move from email support to a helpdesk, you’ll need a seamless migration experience that can save you from having to switch back and forth between the Freshdesk portal and your email. The Gmail migration tool ensures that all the emails are migrated from your email inbox, and agents are provided all the context they need without having to manually forward older threads to the helpdesk.

Business benefits: Better context around customer requests, improved average resolution times


A connector for nearly every app you need

Get Freshdesk to sync with over 1000+ apps across various categories with the Workato App. Workato keeps contacts, tickets and users synced with all the apps in your business suite. Build integrations and bi-directional bridges to ensure your information remains the same across apps.

Business benefits: Up-to-date customer information across apps, faster execution by way of workflow automations


Quantify and improve your support

Support can never be improved unless you have a total overview of how much time your agents are spending on it. With the TMetric App, you can track time spent on ticket resolution and also calculate the salary of support staff and managers based on the hours spent. Set parameters and conditions to calculate pay and create targets based on them as well.

Business Benefits: Motivated agents working more efficiently, better control over finances


Trigger actions in other apps based on Freshdesk activities

Repetitive tasks can be a pain. The Integromat App provides an easy-to-use, interactive, drag and drop interface for you to create complex trigger actions and deeper integrations for automating tasks that otherwise mean a lot of unnecessary manual labor. Create a contact elsewhere, send an email, dispatch a newsletter and lots more from the comfort of your chair with no inputs from your end.

Business benefits: Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, improve support productivity


Track customer feedback and satisfaction effectively

Do you know how customers feel about you? Uncover insights about their satisfaction, loyalty, advocacy and more with the Nicereply app – an all-in-one Customer Experience Management platform built for Freshdesk. Nicereply helps customize surveys according to branding and language, enables users to give real-time feedback in one click, and also tracks KPIs with advanced analytics and reports.

Business benefits: Improved customer relationships, stronger brand loyalty


Check out what these apps can do for your support now! For more, visit the Freshdesk Marketplace and if you want regular updates, make sure you watch this space.

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