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Written by on April 12, 2016

If there’s one thing that unites Team Freshdesk, besides a shared love for food and an obsession with foosball, it’s the goal to simplify. Our mission is to make sure that no matter who you are – a customer support manager, the Head of IT, or the marketing manager – our products are making your lives as easy as they can be.

And our latest release was driven primarily by this mission. While Freshdesk is already integrated with 50+ third-party solution providers (like Xero, Magento, Shopify and more..) and has countless freshplugs (custom-built integrations that allow you to access information easily on your ticket and contact details page), over the years, the process of setting up these integrations has become, we admit with shame, quite complicated.

For example, installing a freshplug involved:

  1. Leaving the helpdesk to go to a forum page to copy the plug code
  2. Pasting the code into a page about half a dozen clicks away
  3. Worrying about any end braces that might have sneaked out from the code and hunting them down.

That’s why, a few months ago, we decided to streamline our entire integrations and plugs experience…by doing away with it entirely.

Discover and Install:

You will no longer have to deal with any integrations or plugs or lines of code from now on. Instead, our new App Gallery now lets you easily discover and install your favorite solutions as Apps into your helpdesk. All you have to do to integrate your helpdesk with other solutions – be it Salesforce, QuickBooks, Slack or GitHub – is select the right app in our new App Gallery and just click on the Install button (and fill out any credentials that the partners might ask).

All the 40+ solutions that you had access to previously as “Integrations” are now available as Apps with 24×7 first-party support from Freshdesk.

Freshdesk - New App Gallery

Our all new App Gallery!

And as for freshplugs, we are in the process of porting them over to Apps. We are taking this opportunity to test them so we can improve them and make sure they meet our app standards. We have, however, ported four of our favorite plugs to Apps just to get started:

  1. Google Hangouts for Agents
  2. Woopra
  3. Common “From” email address and
  4. First Response Due Time

These four apps are now available in the App Gallery and it takes just one click to integrate them in your helpdesk. If you can’t find your favorite app on the list, you can still write a custom app to bring in contextual information or even make visual changes to the Ticket Details page when they are enabled.

NOTE: If you’ve already checked your Admin section and are still seeing “Integrations” instead of “Apps” button, worry not. We’re rolling out the new App Gallery starting today to all our customers and you’ll find it in your favorite helpdesk sometime over the next few weeks.

And that’s not all…

The App Gallery was built from scratch just to make it easier for you to discover, install and manage the apps in your helpdesk, but we’ve heard from a lot of you that you’d like to build your own apps. Well, we are working on something exciting that’ll help you build and share them with the community easily as well. We’ll share more information in the next few months. Keep an eye on this space.

If you want to read more in detail about the new App Gallery, check out this solution article and if you’ve got any feedback, would like to raise a query or just want to chat about the App Gallery, you can write to us at We’d love to geek out with you.

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